Contoured cakes get robotic sign off

Precise cake decoration now possible with robots

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Precise and consistent cake decoration using robots is now possible, thanks to a development by Quasar Automation and its technology partners Scorpion Vision and Mitsubishi Electric.

While robots have been used to write messages in icing on cakes before, this has only been possible where surfaces were flat. For cakes with highly contoured profiles, the variation from cake to cake often means that the gap between the dispensing nozzle and the surface can vary, affecting message quality.

Quasar's solution is based upon the use of 3D vision and lasers to scan the surface of the cake in less than one second. The resultant data is used to calculate the robot path for that individual item. This means that the dispensing nozzle maintains the optimum distance from the surface, eliminating the potential for damage to the cake.

The system can be used on unusual shaped cakes such as ones designed as cars, footballs, trains and animals etc.

Quasar is in talks with one of the UK's leading cake makers,about the use of his technology.

Contact: Quasar Automation

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