Tesco horse meat scandal takes off on Twitter

By Mike Stones

- Last updated on GMT

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The social network Twitter reacted quickly to news that the ‘extra’ in Tesco Value Beefburgers was horse DNA.
The social network Twitter reacted quickly to news that the ‘extra’ in Tesco Value Beefburgers was horse DNA.
Twitter went wild with puns about horse meat burgers last week, as the British food industry struggled to come to terms with news that beef burgers sold by Tesco, and other retailers, had become contaminated with horse DNA. Here’s a selection of the best puns.

The ribman​: “Tesco is saddled with the bad publicity I’m afraid. It’ll have to just ride it out and wait for the going to improve.”

Timmy Geoghegan​: “Worried about those burgers I ate. They were good to firm but soft in places.”

Nick Miller​: “You’d be a foal to believe anything you hear about Tesco burgers!”

Stephen Treacy​: “Tesco now forced to deny presence of zebra in burgers, as shoppers confuse barcodes for serving suggestions.”

Mike Conway​: “Just checked the burgers I had in the fridge ... and they’re off!”

Horse face man​: “Anyone who says those Tesco burgers made them feel a little horse, shame on you.”

Snowflake Ninja​: “Turns out you can, indeed, flog a dead horse.”

Das0s​: “Hey, hey guys, if you don’t like mystery meats ...  don’t eat meat.”

Baking Matilda​: “So maybe world isn’t ready for special horse pizza ...”

Sleathcorps​: “30% horse sounds a lot healthier than what I thought was in Tesco value burgers.”

Liquid Squid​: “It’s a shame Rebekah Brooks had to take her frustrations out on her horse in this delicious way.”

Tony Perkins​: “Tesco horsegate update: Zebra found in barcodes.”

Ladbrokes​ (possibly not authentic): “We’re going 500/1 that a burger wins The Grand National this year.”

Flag Magician​: “Unexpected item in the bagging area.”

W Nicht​: “I hope Cameron hasn’t been destroying evidence.”

Horse face man​: “Talk about #horsegate, I’ll never leave mine open again with Tesco about.”

Sumarum​: “Surely the big surprise is that there is any meat at all in Tesco value burger.

Damion Worosz​:  “Tesco is to drop its ‘Every little helps’ tagline for ‘I’m so hungry I could eat a horse’.”

Shortsnsandals​: “My Lidl pony #horsegate.”

Misskimbo​:  “Asked whether Tesco product labelling is pure bull, a company spokesman said: ‘Neigh!’

Flickinbeans​:  “So hungry, I could eat a ... Oh, never mind.”

Engelsthecat​: “This whole #horsegate thing. Why are people that eat cows getting fussy about eating another four-legged mammal?”

Akidoka​: “Since horsegate, halal butchers have seen business increase by 15%.”

Paul Hearns​: “I bet Lance Armstrong is thinking, ​Why didn’t I think of that?​”

The James Max​: “My mum told me I should watch what I eat. So, I’m going to the Grand National next year.”

Marketing Chap​: “Hopefully not furlong ... #horsegate.”

UK Tesco​: “It’s sleepy time, so we’re off to hit the hay! See you at 8am for more #TescoTweets.”

For more horse puns, visit:  #horsegate, #MyLidlpony,  #tesco #horseburger #burger.

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