IGD conference: big food retail and manufacturing themes – in Tweets

By Mike Stones

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Don't miss our selection of the best IGD conference tweets
Don't miss our selection of the best IGD conference tweets
Hundreds of food and drink industry leaders packed The Lancaster Hotel in London this week for the grocery think-tank IGD annual convention. Thronging the conference hall were some prolific tweeters. Here, we bring you a selection of their best Tweets. To enjoy the full list, visit #igdconv12.

Rick Pendrous,​ editor, Food Manufacture​: “Sainsbury's Justin King slams government's proposal to exchange worker rights for shares. It betrays trust, he says.”

EvershedsFAD​: “Supermarket promotions could lead to ‘shopper confusion’, says IGD.”

JonOlding​: “Morrisons’ Hodgson ​ 'Friendly people creating trust is the key to loyalty.'”

Rachelmrbarnes​: “I am sitting next to Michael Buerk at dinner tonight.”

RetailAnalysis​:“Gill Barr on shopper loyalty: ‘Our best friends are 20 times more profitable than 'mere acquaintances'.”

Brandsarebest​: "Over £1M a week being taken on gift cards, Richard Hodgson, Morrisons.”

GreencoreGroup​: “Thanks to the IGD and speakers for an excellent day. Always a highlight in my calendar.”

JameswaltonIDG​: “Philip Clarke​ [Tesco boss] emphasises the need to not only understand shoppers, but to ANTICIPATE them.”

RetailAnalysis​: “Key themes #IGDConv12: loyalty, trust, digital engagement and personalisation.”

JameswaltonIDG​: “Amazon is evolving towards a full lifestyle solution, a move that took bricks and mortar retailers 50 years or more.”

IGDShopperNews​: “Asda's McKenna discussing the AMP ‘Actual Moment of Purchase’. Opportunity for those who positively disrupt the shopping trip with mobile.”

RetailAnalysis​: “Every Asda store manager has iPad enabling them to spend more time on shop floor, saving seven hours/week ​ McKenna.”

SavyCatherine​: “iPads for every gsm​ [general store manager] at Asda giving seven hours a week back great use of technology in action.”

SavyCatherine​: "Judith McKenna @asda delivering compelling thinking on how to deliver sustainable results in a world that is changing at pace.”

SamathaBBmag​: “Judith McKenna: ‘We have started to rollout high-speed wifi into stores and it will be available in all stores by Christmas.’”

JameswaltonIDG​: “Judith McKenna of Asda thinks that Mums have a lot on their plates. They do, but ... erm ... Dads have to work pretty hard too.”

SainsburysPR​: “We were the first to introduce MTL ​[multiple traffic lights] labelling & we're calling for a uniformed approach from the food industry.”

RichardSiddle​: “Matt Hill Heinz UK chief − Key for growth is to invest in digital marketing/ social media that gets your brands talked about.”

IGDShopperNews​: “44% of delegates, though, believe shopper loyalty will grow over the next five years as companies find better ways to engage.”

SavyCatherine​: “Richard Hodgson at Morrisons talking sense about how people make the difference in the battle for shopper loyalty.”

RetailAnalysis​: “Being a ‘friend’ in the grocery convenience market means being ‘locally relevant and locally reliable’, says Co-op's Gill Barr.”

Stevesmithsmg​: “Shoppers still love branded groceries, research shows.”

Brandsarebest​: “Dan Cobley of Google − innovation needs to identify failure quickly and move on.”

SamathaBBmag​: “Vote − 55% believe we will see much more innovation in our industry over the next five years, and 35% think a little more.”

JameswaltonIDG:“Matt Hill says shoppers eat from a repertoire of just six receipes per fortnight. Boy, that makes me feel good!”

Brandsarebest​: “73% say they will spend more on advertising in next five years .‘Vastly improved understanding on how it works these days,’ says Hodgson.”

Julieaplant​: “Heinz challenge brand managers to behave as ceos of their own business.”

IGDShopperNews:“Matt Hill Heinz UK president ​ 'We've raised our spend on digital from 3% to 20% of marketing spend. Prioritising learning not RoI'.”

CorrugatedCPI: “Fascinating insight into the future of retail, of which corrugated will play a big part. Many high profile speakers.”

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