LycoRed launches Sante upgrade for soup apps

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Food processors cutting monosodium glutamate (MSG) from powdered or canned soups can now access an improved version of natural enhancer Sante from Israel-based LycoRed.

The ingredient has been adapted to replace MSG, which has been used as a flavour enhancer but has been hit by negative press for allegedly causing health problems.

"Sante's secret is that it is the concentration of all the tastes and flavouring components that exist naturally in tomatoes, delivering true umami and kokumi taste characteristics,"​ said Roee Nir, colour and flavour global commercial manager for LycoRed.

Umami flavour is generally associated with savoury taste, whereas kokumi is regarded as enhancing other basic flavours, as well as balancing them.

"Using only a small amount of Sante in canned and prepared soup formulations typically high in sodium will boost the overall soup flavour and allow salt reduction of up to 30% without tomato flavour notes,"​ said Nir.

LycoRed said Sante a natural tomato concentrate smooths out rough, unbalanced tastes, extends flavour duration on the palate and improves mouthfeel and texture. It is designed for use in liquid or powder formulations and remains stable at high temperatures and variable acidity.

In laboratory tests, replacing 0.2% MSG in a chicken soup mix with an equivalent quantity of Sante liquid reduced sodium content by 25%.

"We also ran several trials using the powder form of Sante in a commercial dry pea soup mix,"​ said Ehud Zach, food applications manager for LycoRed. "We found it to be an excellent alternative for the partial or total replacement of standard flavour enhancers."

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