New chewing gum with ‘next generation sugar’

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Beneo is presenting a range of new sweetening solutions, including a new chewing gum that features Beneo’s Palatinose (isomaltulose) combined with Stevia for the first time.

Beneo says combining its functional bulk sweeteners with Stevia enables a range of nutritional and health benefits to be achieved without compromising on the taste and mouthfeel of the end product.

The result is a sugar-like sweetness designed to mask the liquorice-like aftertaste sometimes associated with Stevia.
Beneo says its “next-generation sugar” can be processed like sucrose. It claims storage tests have shown that both the texture of the core and crunch are similar to that of sucrose chewing gums.

In contrast to sucrose, however, Palatinose is low glycaemic and toothfriendly, says Beneo. Its slow dissolution kinetics help to release flavours over a longer period of time and its very low hygroscopicity enhances the gum’s shelf-life.

Using Palatinose in chewing gum retains the core’s shape immediately while the cores in other gums need to be stored for a given amount of time to deliver similar results.

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