Carbohydrates and fibres (sugar, starches)

Millard: 'sales uplift'

Nichols hails sugar reduction in soft drinks

By Rod Addy

Nichols highlighted sugar reduction measures for its soft drinks as it posted strong annual sales, driven by balmy summer weather, innovation in brands such as Levi Roots and overseas success.

British Sugar makes the Silver Spoon range of sugars

£50M investment by British Sugar in UK plants

By Rod Addy

British Sugar is investing £50M in its four existing UK sugar beet factories this year, a spokeswoman for the Associated British Foods (ABF) subsidiary has confirmed.

The WHO has kept its recommendation that added sugars should account for no more than 10% of total energy

Nutritionists slam sugar-bashing press

By Nicholas Robinson

The national media has seriously misreported consumers’ sugar intake and its apparent link to obesity following the World Health Organisation’s (WHO’s) latest intake update this week, leading nutritionists have claimed.

Confectionery firm develops tooth-friendly gum

Sugar-beet carb used for tooth-friendly gum

Functional ingredients maker Beneo has used its sugar-beet derived carbohydrate Palatinose to develop 'the first' polyol-free, tooth-friendly bubble gum children's confectionery.

Natural fibres blended with Stevia may help public health

Swedish research natural fibres to replace chemical sweetener

By team

Sweetener specialist Bayn Europe and ingredients firm Barentz are researching the use of stevia dietary fibre blends to replace chemical sweeteners in the Baltic region. The project is supported by the Swedish government for its effects on the environment...

Clare Cheney, director general, Provision Trade Federation

Unbalanced diets are the cause of obesity

By Clare Cheney

In response to the recent focus on sugar in the diet and whether it is linked to obesity, Dr Susan Jebb, chair of the Public Health Responsibility Deal (PHRD) Food Network, said “in the PHRD we have made clear that it’s the total calories that matter...

Not so yo ho ho for Captain Morgan, after the ASA banned a TV advert for the rum

Diageo’s Captain Morgan TV advert made to walk plank

By Michael Stones

A TV advert for drinks giant Diageo’s Captain Morgan rum has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), after complaints that it linked alcohol consumption with adventure.

ABF reported that weak sugar prices had been offset by a strong performance from its Primark clothing business

Associated British Foods results undermined by sugar

By Michael Stones

Weak sugar prices will be offset by a strong performance of its budget clothing business Primark, according to Associated British Foods’s (ABF’s) pre-close trading statement, covering the first half of its financial year to March 1 2014.

Sugar pricing is the subject of a bitter dispute between ABF and Napier Brown

Napier Brown fires latest salvo in bitter row with ABF

By Rod Addy

Associated British Foods (ABF) faces fines for anti-competitive practices if a competition authority probe just launched finds it guilty in the latest round of a longstanding feud with Napier Brown.

Tackling obesity requires discussion with food and drink industry leaders, said a senior Department of Health official

Department of Health defends food industry meetings

By Rick Pendrous

A senior Department of Health (DH) official has defended the large number of meetings he has held with food and drink companies, as part of the government strategy to stem what health professionals describe as the growing “crisis” of obesity in parts...

Totte: 'Strategy now beginning to bear fruit'

Real Good Food Company tackles sugar woes

By Rod Addy

Napier Brown’s Immingham sugar plant is ready for commissioning and should help the firm offset the negative impact of plunging sugar prices, according to owner Real Good Food Company (RGFC).

In the editor's view: Channel 4's Dispatches TV programme on sugar (pictured above) was 'appallingly biased'


Editor's view: Sugar is the new battleground

By Rick Pendrous

As I predicted in my leading article in the November 2013 issue of Food Manufacture, sugar is now the next battleground. However, little did I realise the lengths sugar's detractors would go to in their attempts to demonise this ingredient which,...

Clare Cheney, director general, Provision Trade Federation

Government’s smart swaps aren't so smart

I was going to write about sugar being the new salt for the healthy diet campaigners. But I changed my mind when I looked at the government’s Change4Life so-called Smart Swaps online. What a muddle!



Demonising products ‘dangerous’, says IFST head

By Rod Addy

Demonising food products is dangerous and focusing on the importance of positive nutrients is vital, according to Jon Poole, ceo of the Institute of Food Science & Technology.

Tea sales were strong at ABF during its first financial quarter

ABF growth dampened by sugar price drop

By Rod Addy

Plunging world sugar prices hampered sales growth for Associated British Foods (ABF) in the first quarter of its current financial year, but its Twinings and Allied Bakeries brands delivered strong performances.

Action on Sugar aims to raise public awareness about sugar and how much of it is in foods

Sugar substitution way to escape public shaming

By Rod Addy

Food manufacturers should substitute sugar with other sweeteners more or face public shaming and risk missing significant commercial benefits, according to a prominent nutrition policy expert.

Further legislation to curb sales of food and drink to children was predicted by Tam Fry

Tougher regulation of food industry could be on way

By Rick Pendrous

Britain’s food industry is likely to face increasing political scrutiny and further calls for greater regulation over the coming year, according to leading food industry figures canvassed by this website.

Craving certain foods leads some consumers to consider them addictive

Food addiction claims ‘amount to bad science’

By Rick Pendrous

Sugar’s addictive properties have been dismissed by UK scientific experts who have attributed rising obesity to excessive calorie intake and the overconsumption of high-density foods combined with sedentary lifestyles.

Cargill has blended extracts from the stevia plant with high maltose syrup for its latest low-calorie solutions


Multinational firms prepare for half-calorie drinks

By Rod Addy

Major soft drinks companies are gearing up to launching products with half the calories of current versions, thanks to proprietary technologies just hitting the market from ingredients developer Cargill.

Saturated fats do cause obesity and heart disease, says PHE

Public Health England rejects sat fat reduction critics

By Rick Pendrous

Public Health England (PHE) has challenged the article in the British Medical Journal online, which criticised the government’s drive to cut saturated fat in foods, claiming it was not the main cause of obesity.

Rats in a maze were attracted as much by Oreos as by cocaine and morphine

Expert rubbishes Oreo cookies addiction claim

By Rod Addy

A leading psychobiologist has slammed recent claims by researchers that Oreo cookies, made by international food manufacturer Mondelēz, are as addictive as cocaine for rats.

Winning new business from Asda and Booker will bring 80 new jobs to RGFC subsidiary Napier Brown

Real Good Food Company creates 80 jobs

By Michael STONES

Napier Brown, the sugar trading subsidiary of the Real Good Food Company (RGFC), is to create 80 new jobs at its West Yorkshire headquarters, after winning new business from supermarket Asda and food wholesaler Booker.

Hough predicts consolidation of sugar producers

Sugar processing hub 'proves commitment'

By Gary Scattergood

A modern multi-million pound sugar processing hub at Immingham, near Hull, and new sourcing deals in Mauritius and East Africa are proof of the Real Good Food Company’s (RGFC’s) commitment to servicing food manufacturers and growing its business, bosses...

Hooked on sugar? Claims of food addiction are overstated, said John Blundell, of Leeds University

Food addiction: a flawed excuse for overeating

Claims that people can get ‘hooked’ on certain foods which then makes them obese are overstated, with the result that food addiction is becoming an overly simplistic explanation for overeating, according to a leading expert in psychobiology.

Brain function can be boosted by a range of ingredients, studies claim

Food firms get aid for brain claims

By Rod Addy

Leatherhead Food Research (LFR) is working on a project to support food and drink processors seeking to make cognitive performance claims for their products.

The UK bread market remained 'intensely competitive' with 'some pressure on margins', said ABF

ABF results: sugar down, Primark shines

By Mike Stones

The performance of Associated British Foods’ (ABF’s) sugar division has disappointed City analysts, while its Primark business continues to shine.

The advertising watchdog upheld complaints about one advert in Unilever's Piri Piri Pot Noodle Facebook campaign but rejected two others

Unilever slammed for ‘offensive’ Facebook noodle advert

By Mike Stones

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled that Unilever cannot use one of its Piri Piri Pot Noodle online adverts in its current form and ordered the firm not to use “offensive images” in future.

David Heath (left) with CCE Edmonton operations director Steve Thorpe

DEFRA minister visits soft drinks giant

By Rod Addy

Coca-Cola Enterprises’ (CCE’s) Edmonton factory welcomed David Heath, minister for agriculture and food at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), on a visit showcasing sustainable manufacturing.

Food supplement to ease digestion

Microalgae supplement eases digestion

Roquette and 3I Nature pooled their know-how to develop a new food supplement based on micro-algae and fibres. Named Chlorella 2D, its synergistic combination of Roquette Chlorella and Nutriose are said to promote digestive health - a claim that is supported...

Corkers crisps are made on the farm in Ely, Cambridgeshire

Corking plans for Corkers expansion

By Rod Addy

Crisps brand Corkers is expanding its factory in Ely, Cambridgeshire, to enable it to produce up to 300,000 bags of crisps a day.

Soluble corn fibre can be added to a wide range of bakery goods

Triple boost for added fibre products

By Gary Scattergood

Improved bowel health, increased satiety and enhanced calcium absorption add to mounting evidence for the health benefits of certain added fibres in the diet, according to Tate & Lyle.