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How can you be sure you are getting the blend you have approved? Credit: Getty/Giovanni Magdalinos

Food Forensics

Do you know if your wine is real?

By Alison Johnson

Wine fraud has been reported as far back as Ancient Rome and continues to be a major obstacle in the industry today. So how can you ensure yours is genuine?

Riverford currently operates 65 electric vans and plans to reach 240 by 2050. Credit: Riverford

Long read

Is an electric fleet worth it?

By William Dodds

As lowering emissions becomes an ever-more important goal for the food and drink sector, Food Manufacture speaks to Devon-based fruit and veg brand Riverford about how it approached electrified delivery and the perks of EVs.

Andy York on the motivation and impact of the organisation’s first-ever Human Rights Impact Assessment

Me & My Team

Human rights: working with teams across the supply chain

By Andy York

Like many large food companies, Pilgrim’s UK relies on multi-functional teams stretching across its supply chain. Here, Andy York, human rights manager, explains the motivation and impact of the organisation’s first-ever Human Rights Impact Assessment....

Egg alternatives can be used in a range of patisserie products. Credit: Puratos UK


Cracking the egg shortage crisis in bakery

By William Dodds

Lydia Baines, marketing manager for patisserie at Puratos UK, looks at how bakeries can adapt to egg shortages in the UK by using alternatives.

New rules coming into play this October risk causing disruption the food supplies this Christmas


Looming Brexit rule changes risk Christmas food disruption

By Gwen Ridler

Supplies of food during the Christmas trading window could face disruption thanks to looming Brexit rule changes that businesses are unaware of and unprepared for, according to the Cold Chain Federation (CCF).

FSA and FSS call for views on Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. Credit: Getty/We Are


Call for evidence on Trans-Pacific Partnership deal

By Bethan Grylls

The two agencies that govern food standards in the UK are calling for businesses and consumers to offer their views on the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

Who claimed the title of top food trading country in the world in 2020? Credit: Getty/imaginima

Data dashboard

Who led food trade during the height of the pandemic?

By Bethan Grylls

An analysis of the world’s most imported and exported food groups identified the US as the world’s food trading leader during the first year of the pandemic, with the UK ranking eighth.

EPR delayed until October 2025. Credit: Getty/BrianAJackson


Industry bodies react to EPR delay

By Bethan Grylls

Ecoveritas has described the delay to roll-out Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), as a “bittersweet” move, whilst OPRL warns companies “not to rest on their laurels”.

Kimberly Coffin discusses how food supply network risks are managed


Re-evaluating how to view supply chain risk

By Kimberly Coffin

Kimberly Coffin, global technical director at LRQA, explains why the way food supply network risks are managed must change amid geopolitical disruptions and an ever-changing supply climate.

Stratagem on closures: “It's just a big domino effect of the current crisis we're in

Long read

What’s driving food factory closures – and how to avoid them

By Bethan Grylls

With news of administrations, proposed closures and complete shutdowns haunting the headlines, Food Manufacture takes a deep dive into the drivers, whether this is a trend set to last and what businesses can do to turn things around.

Theo Mizzi discusses handling and transit issues in the food and drink supply chain. Image credit: Getty/B4LLS


Handling and storage challenges in the food supply chain

By Theo Mizzi

Theo Mizzi, project manager at Inverto UK, discusses handling and storage challenges in the food and drink supply chain and how artificial intelligence can play a role in maintaining integrity during transit.

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