QAD Redzone

QAD Redzone

QAD Redzone is the #1 Connected Workforce Solution for manufacturers big and small.

More production. More engagement. More retention. QAD Redzone connected workforce management solutions integrate seamlessly into your workflow. For the first time ever, members of production, maintenance, and quality teams are connected, collaborating, and winning towards a common goal. Happier frontline employees, safely producing more quality product than ever before with predictable performance, hassle-free audits and a culture of winning. How it Works Using real-time, social mobile communication, Redzone software connects and unifies team members across departments to create 'one team' working with purpose.

Jaw Dropping Results in Just 90 Days:

- 29% Productivity Increase

- 74% Increase in Engagement

- 32% Reduction in Staff Turnover

* Average over 1,000 plants

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