Interfood Technology Ltd

Interfood Technology Ltd

Interfood has 7 divisions, highlighting the comprehensive range the company now offers: Butchery, Fresh Meat Portioning, Preparation, Curing to Clipping, Cooking & Cooling/Pasteurisation, Slicing, and Packing Solutions. Each division offers specific capabilities with regional-based teams of engineers, backed by support personnel, to ensure a swift and efficient service which is second-to-none. This illustrates the focus on after-sales, service and support, that has always been central to the Interfood philosophy. It includes prompt breakdown assistance, comprehensive maintenance contracts, training and bespoke optimisation programmes to ensure that customers get the most from their equipment.

The company has grown year on year, adding to the list of manufacturers for whom they are the exclusive distributors in the UK and Ireland.

The focus on engineering excellence is complemented by Interfood’s own in-house food technologists who are available to assist customers in deriving the maximum productivity and profitability from the equipment purchased. They can help take customers’ ideas from concept to commercial reality, including offering guidance in terms of product declaration and labelling.

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Automating the end-of-line for a complete package

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Automate end-of-line processes for the complete package

While many processes in food and drink production have already been automated, processors can achieve even greater efficiency, safety and productivity by completing the cycle, argues Interfood

Choosing the right preparation equipment in the processing line is crucial to the end-product

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It’s all in the Prep

James Radcliffe, a divisional manager at Interfood Technology, considers the importance of ‘Preparation’ – one of seven dedicated divisions operated by Interfood – focusing on what needs to be considered when purchasing Preparation equipment.

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