Carbohydrates and fibres (sugar, starches)

Pepsi's strong growth of nearly 10% helped to put the fizz in Britvic's third-quarter results

Carbonates put fizz in Britvic results

By Michael Stones

Rising UK carbonates sales have put a fizz in Britvic’s third-quarter results for the 12 weeks to July 6, as Great Britain revenue climbed by nearly 5%.

United Biscuits quiet on stock-float rumours

United Biscuits quiet on stock market float rumours

By Nicholas Robinson

United Biscuits’ joint-owners PAI Partners and Blackstone have neither denied nor confirmed rumours they are preparing to float the biscuit heavyweight on the stock market, despite analysts welcoming the idea.

Obesity webinar - what you wanted to know

Obesity webinar

Obesity webinar your questions answered – in pics

By Laurence Gibbons

The Food Manufacture Group assembled an expert team of webinar speakers to help separate the facts from the fictions and the myths from hard scientific realities surrounding Britain’s obesity crisis.

30% of adolescents' calories come from soft drinks


Drinks manufacturers must reduce sugars: PHE

By Rod Addy

Drinks manufacturers must work to reduce the amount of sugars in their products to lower the nation’s calorie intake, according to Dr Alison Tedstone, Public Health England’s (PHE) chief nutritionist.

You can listen again at any time to the free, one-hour webinar. See article for details

Obesity quotes chart wide ranging webinar

By Michael Stones

Nearly 1,300 people registered for the Food Manufacture Group’s free, one-hour, independent webinar on the roots of Britain’s obesity crisis and its remedies. Here, we capture a flavour in quotes of the wide-ranging debate.

Berger: 'The new approach will be one of partnership and empowerment'

Sugar reduction summit

Labour: taxing unhealthy foods ‘not fair’

By Rod Addy

Labour has shunned sugar tax plans in favour of working collaboratively with the food industry to make foods healthier, according to shadow health minister Luciana Berger.

Many high-calorie foods gave no 'feeling of satiation', so encourage over-eating, said MacGregor

Obesity webinar

Anti-sugar campaigners flag up satiety message

By Rod Addy

Unhealthy foods don’t satisfy consumers’ appetites in the same way as other foods, meaning they end up eating more, fuelling the obesity “pandemic”, according to campaigners.

Obesity experts sum up webinar messages

obesity webinar

Obesity webinar speakers sum up key messages

By Michael Stones

Calls to base Britain’s obesity debate on a more scientific footing and the urgent need to reformulate food and drink products were just two of the key messages speakers took from the Food Manufacture Group’s obesity webinar last week.

New research revealing 700 new cases of diabetes a day is 'a national health emergency': Diabetes UK

Over 700 diabetes cases/day is 'health emergency'

By Michael Stones

A new study revealing that more than 700 Britons a day are diagnosed with obesity-related diabetes constitutes a “national health emergency”, warns the boss of Diabetes UK.

Missed the obesity webinar? Simply register to hear four leading experts debate the roots and remedies of Britain's obesity crisis

obesity webinar

Give food science a chance: obesity webinar experts

By Michael Stones

Give food science a greater role in the debate about the roots and remedies of Britain’s obesity crisis, urged nutrition experts in their opening remarks at the Food Manufacture Group’s obesity webinar.

Don't miss your free place at tomorrow's one-hour, independent obesity webinar

Still time to register for free obesity webinar tomorrow

By Michael Stones

There’s still time to register for the Food Manufacture Group’s free, one-hour, independent webinar on the roots and remedies to Britain’s obesity crisis, taking place tomorrow at 1100 GMT tomorrow (Thursday July 3).

Crisps, biscuits and crackers, among other foods, are all dietary sources of acrylamide

Acrylamide is a bigger cancer risk, says EFSA

By Nicholas Robinson

Acrylamide poses a bigger cancer risk to consumers – particularly children – than previously thought, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has warned.

SACN recommendations on sugar have sparked a torrent of responses


Carbohydrate report: reaction in quotes

By Rod Addy

Public Health England will investigate taxing sugary drinks according to the paper it issued alongside the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition’s (SACN’s) draft report published today (June 26).

Pork Farms's new gluten-free pastry brand


Pork Farms pumps half a million into gluten-free

By Nicholas Robinson

Pork Farms has pumped half a million pounds into a new gluten-free (GF) bakery brand that is being manufactured at its chilled quiche Riverside Bakery in Nottingham.

Sugar intake should be halved, recommended the long-awaited SACN report

SACN report

Sugar intake should be halved, advises SACN report

By Michael Stones

The intake of added sugar in people’s daily diet should be halved as part of a campaign to cut Britain’s soaring obesity levels, according to an influential report by government adviser the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN).

Mandatory sugar targets would hinder not help progress towards sugar reduction, said Jebb

Sugar targets ‘counter productive’ in obesity battle

By Michael Stones

Introducing sugar targets, in a bid to battle Britain’s obesity crisis, would be counter-productive, said Susan Jebb, ahead of a key report from Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN).

 Six research projects into improving the health benefits of food and drink products have received funding

BBSRC funds £4M of diet and health research

By Laurence Gibbons

Six projects investigating diet and health have received £4M of research funding from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) and the Medical Research Council (MRC) in a bid to help food and drink manufacturers improve the health...

Burton's Fish and Chips were popular in the 1980s

Lucrative opportunities in brands from the past: Burtons

By Nicholas Robinson

Reviving food brands from the past could prove even more lucrative if food businesses successfully tap into consumer nostalgia, according to Stuart Wilson, Burton’s Biscuit Company chief commercial officer.

Sugar and obesity debate so far

Sugar: the big fat debate – in pictures

By Laurence Gibbons

As the debate about the levels of sugar, salt and fat in food manufacturers’ products and their contribution to obesity intensifies, we chart the key points over the past six months – in photographs.

Tooth decay is one of the most widespread health problems

Sugar in teeth of fresh controversy

By Rod Addy

Anti-sugar campaigners are targeting the damage it can do to teeth as well as tackling its contribution to obesity in the UK.

Research is focusing on the transit of different foods through the gut

Latest science to stop overeating

By Michelle Knott

Food scientists are devising new types of foods that help prevent people from overeating, reports Michelle Knott.

Latvian answer to sleep

Don’t Sleep offers alternative to sleep

The Institute of Innovative Biomedical Technology (IBT) has launched a caffeine- and sugar-free energy drink called Don’t Sleep. The Latvian company revealed the product at Vitafoods in Geneva last month. It is made from concentrated apple juice, the...

Food and drink firms have hit back at local government claims they are helping to fuel the obesity crisis by failing to back traffic light food labelling

Food firms slam local government labelling criticism

By Michael Stones

Food and drink manufacturers have rejected claims from the Local Government Association (LGA) that they are contributing to Britain’s obesity crisis by failing to back traffic light labelling.

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Obesity webinar to set record straight on fat, salt and sugar

By Michael Stones

Frustrated by apparent half-truths, misrepresentations and downright falsehoods peddled in the debate about fats, sugar and salt? Then, sign up for our free, one-hour webinar, which aims to set the scientific record straight on these controversial topics.

Weighty argument: food and drink manufacturers have urged food scientists to counter the obesity views of some health lobby groups

Food scientists urged to enter UK obesity debate

By Rick Pendrous

Food and drink manufacturers have issued a call to action for food scientists to counter the uninformed and increasingly loud calls from health lobby groups on politicians to introduce legal limits on the levels of fat, salt and sugar allowed in products...

'If you cannot change people, you have to change the food instead', said Professor Jack Winkler

Demonisation of sweeteners must stop

By Sue Scott

The first soft drinks made with sweeteners to enjoy a promotional “healthy discount” could persuade more manufacturers to wean consumers off sugar, according to a nutrition expert.

Luciana Berger: 'Voluntary agreements only take you so far'

Labour mulls legislation to beat obesity

By Rick Pendrous

The Labour Party is considering legislation covering food and drink formulation as a means of reducing Britain’s obesity crisis, estimated to cost the National Health Service £4.2bn a year.

Increased demand for spelt has led to diminishing stocks

Find a spelt supplier now or miss out

By Laurence Gibbons

Food manufacturers looking to latch on to the growing demand for spelt should act quickly as the resurgence for the ancient grain has led to depleting stocks, one supplier of the grain has warned.

Confusion about how many calories people should consume is adding to rising obesity levels in Britain, AB Sugar claimed

Confusion surrounds calories intake

By Laurence Gibbons

Confusion about how many calories people should consume is contributing to the obesity epidemic gripping the country, AB Sugar has claimed.

RGFC has said it is working hard to improve sustainable sources of sugar supply while the dispute continues

Napier Brown confirms ABF sugar dispute hit

By Rod Addy

The Real Good Food Company’s (RGFC’s) annual profits were hit by its dispute with British Sugar, part of Associated British Foods (ABF), over sugar supply, it has confirmed.

Microbes grow faster with less salt

Reformulation can pose a food safety risk

By Nicholas Robinson

Healthy reformulation of foods by reducing levels of salt, fat and sugar could increase the risk of food poisoning unless companies know how to do it properly, a leading food microbiologist has warned.

Silver Spoon sales were 'well behind' last year but Primark and Grocery shined

ABF: Sugar slump offset by Primark and grocery

By Michael Stones

A starring performance by clothes retailer Primark and strong growth in grocery helped Associated British Foods (ABF) lift its half-year group profits by £7M to £463M, despite a slump in its sugar business due to lower prices.

Weetabix is responding to a changing market

Weetabix could cut pay and working hours to save jobs

By Nicholas Robinson

Weetabix has confirmed it has started a consultation with its UK staff to cut pay and working hours in response to increasing pressure from supermarket own-label products and the discounters.