How to use tech to retain talent and boost productivity

How to use tech to retain talent and boost productivity

British food and drink manufacturers are facing the largest shortage of skilled workers since the 1980s. 
Yes, there are structural reasons beyond their control, including a lack of visas for foreign workers since Brexit and the ongoing ripple effect of Covid-19. But there are plenty of steps they can take to improve rates of retention and attract the next generation of talent. That includes investing in tech. 
Though often perceived as purely a way in which manufacturers can reduce their reliance on labour, digital tools and technologies can also be a brilliant way to upskill teams, carve out new career paths, improve culture and tempt young talent away from Silicon Valley-esque start-ups. 
In this webinar, we’ll explore practical ways that food and drink manufacturers can use emerging technologies to build a more engaged, more productive workforce. In short, a workforce with far more appeal to prospective talent. 


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