Food Safety Briefing: 2020 and beyond: a new era for food standards

Food Safety Briefing: 2020 and beyond: a new era for food standards

Resources for managing food safety are under pressure like never before. Brexit will likely shake up import and export trade rules and raise new quality and safety issues. The drive to minimise packaging waste raises fresh challenges concerning shelf-life, while the constantly evolving threat from allergens prompts continuous re-evaluation of cross-contamination and labelling, particularly in the light of the demand for rapid line changes. And behind it all lies the emerging threat of enemies, from pathogens and fraudsters, poised to undermine the supply chain. What are the emerging threats, how can the industry manage them effectively and get the day job done and how much of an answer can developing science offer? This webinar will include exclusive insights from Food Manufacture’s food safety survey covering the concerns of senior managers and those with direct involvement in food safety issues within food and drink processing companies.

The food safety survey will provide a unique and independent overview of food standards and key challenges at the factory level, with feedback from the people closest to the action. If you work in this area and have not yet had time to complete the survey, which can easily be done in 10 minutes, click the link and have your say​. One lucky participant, chosen at random, will receive a £100 Amazon voucher.


Barbara Hirst Barbara Hirst Consultant, food safety & quality
Reading Scientific Services Ltd (RSSL)

Dr Derek Watson SFHEA Dr Derek Watson SFHEA Associate Professor in Cultural Management & Consultant
University of Sunderland

Gary Ridgewell Gary Ridgewell Head of technical
Sleaford Quality Foods

Rod Addy Rod Addy Editor
Food Manufacture

 Roy Betts, PhD Roy Betts, PhD Science Fellow
Campden BRI Group

Steven Walker Steven Walker Chief Executive
Campden BRI