Food industry must collaborate on moral responsibility

By Laurence Gibbons

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The food industry cannot be seen as truly responsible and sustainable until it stops wasting so much of the food it produces, according to Iglo Group.

In this video – filmed at the launch of the frozen food firm’s ‘Forever food together’ campaign on October 14  –  Iglo Group’s director of corporate social responsibility, Peter Hajipieris, encouraged food manufacturers to tackle food waste together.

“We have got to all recognise that we can’t be seen as a responsible industry if we don’t collectively work together to tackle the issue of food waste,”​ he said.

Precious resource

“It really is not just a sustainability issue, it is also a moral issue – it’s a precious resource we are wasting.”

Over a third of all food produced globally is lost through spoilage or wasted because of poor planning or behavioural issues in the home, Hajipieris claimed.

The industry must work in partnership to ensure that the food produced as part of a sustainable supply chain is not wasted, he added.

“It’s not just about the growing population,”​ he said. “It’s about the great deal of efforts in terms of inputs – energy, husbandry, farming – the whole process of food production and investment contributes to climate change.”

In this video Hajipieris also revealed how Iglo is working to tackle obesity by reformulating its products with the help of a “nutrient profiling tool”.      

‘Forever food together’

Iglo’s ‘Forever food together’​ programme aims to tackle the obesity epidemic and stamp out food waste. It wants to achieve this by offering consumers healthier products and encouraging them to only eat what they need and freeze the rest.

The firm is also striving to ensure all its products are responsibly sourced and prepared by 2020.

Iglo’s ceo Elio Leoni Sceti said as the business challenged itself with these goals it realised they could not be achieved alone.

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