New way to handle and collate fixed-count or fixed-weight packs

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New way to handle and collate fixed-count or fixed-weight packs
Marel has launched new handling and collation systems for fixed-count or fixed-weight packs. The TG9 tray grader and TD9 tray diverter grade product trays to collate fixed count, fixed weight or a combination of fixed count and weight boxes of packs with totalised labels - with complete traceability.

In fixed-count grading mode, the channels are filled according to a set piece count. When the target count has been reached, the next channel starts filling and the operator can accept the batch and print a label for the batch.

Alternatively, the operator can cancel the batch and utilise the reorder facility if required.

In fixed weight grading mode, a 9000 series weigh-price labeller or another input device, such as a barcode scanner, captures and transmit weight, price and pack information to the grader.

The TG9/TD9 captures and transmits the data to divert each pack, according to its weight into one of its channels, each channel collating packs to achieve an optimised target box weight.

The TG9 enables fixed count and weight. It allocates a set number of packs to each channel. Channels are selected according to pack weight to optimise box weights. Packs that do not fit are rejected.

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