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Iceland in hot water after ‘Irish slur’

1 commentBy Mike Stones , 20-Feb-2013
Last updated on 20-Feb-2013 at 13:39 GMT2013-02-20T13:39:38Z

Iceland boss Malcolm Walker has apologised for his remarks about the Irish

Iceland boss Malcolm Walker has apologised for his remarks about the Irish

Iceland chief executive Malcolm Walker has apologised after making disparaging comments about the Irish on a BBC TV documentary about the horse meat scandal.

When a Panorama journalist asked him to explain why Iceland burgers passed British tests for horse DNA but failed Irish ones, he replied: “Well, that’s the Irish isn’t it?”

‘Well, that’s the Irish isn’t it?’

The chief executive of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, chief executive Professor Alan Reilly, slammed the comment as “unprofessional”.

He said: “It is unprofessional that a vested interest would seek to undermine our position with misinformation and speculation.”

An Iceland spokesman said after the BBC Panorama programme: “Iceland and our chief executive are deeply sorry. His comments were not intended to be disrespectful to the Irish people, including our many Irish customers, colleagues and suppliers or to the Irish authorities.

“We hold all of these in the highest regard.”

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Malcolm Walker's "Irish Slur"

Well, I hope all Iceland's Irish customers will take note of Malcolm Walker's comments and take their custom elsewhere.

What an ignorant and foolish man!

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Posted by Kay Hall
21 February 2013 | 10h592013-02-21T10:59:29Z

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