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Whether you’re in chocolate or candy manufacture; in count lines or luxury items; health or indulgence, it’s all about new markets and product innovation; process efficiencies and consolidation. People want the sweet things in life, but at a price they are prepared to pay. Keep on top of the latest business trends and science about cocoa and sugar.

Wealthiest people in food and drink manufacturing

17-Apr-2014 - Confectionery manufacturer Ferrero Group’s owner tops our list of the richest people in global food and drink manufacturing.

Sweet victory for Nestlé in Mondelēz purple dispute

04-Apr-2014 - Nestlé has won final victory in a 10-year battle to prevent Mondelēz International from trademarking the Dairy Milk purple colour it uses for Cadbury milk chocolate bar and drinking chocolate packaging.

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Overseas and national food firms invest in UK jobs

02-Apr-2014 - UK-based food and drink firms are investing in jobs as much as internationally-owned outfits, according to Owen Paterson, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) secretary of state.

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Magnum creates chocolate dresses for 25th anniversary

31-Mar-2014 - Unilever has teamed up with fashion designer Henry Holland to create a Magnum inspired dress, made entirely out of chocolate.

Poetry in motion control as Kinnerton boosts production

26-Mar-2014 - Easter egg manufacturer Kinnerton Confectionery has boosted production by simplifying production line processes in partnership with industrial solutions provider Siemens Industry.

Sweet gluten-free treats

21-Mar-2014 - Global confectionery launches with a ‘gluten-free’ positioning increased by 46% in 2013 from 2012, according to the Innova Database. While this indicates growth in gluten-free claims, gluten-free product launch activity is still relatively niche for confectionery, with only 7% of confectionery product launches tracked in 2013 taking this positioning, according to Carmit Candy.

Government to highlight food industry as employer

17-Mar-2014 - The government is committed to raising awareness of job opportunities in food and drink manufacturing, according to environment secretary Owen Paterson.

News in brief

Premier Foods supports industry’s recruitment drive

17-Mar-2014 - Premier Foods and Mondelēz were among six food and drink businesses to support the industry’s attempts to recruit the next generation of food engineers at the Big Bang Fair, at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, last week (Friday March 14).

Banks restricting SMEs’ growth despite retail contracts

14-Mar-2014 - Banks are restricting small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) by not offering the finance needed for growth – even if they have secured retail contracts, according food manufacturers.

Tangerine Confectionery plans to cut up to 166 jobs

06-Mar-2014 - Tangerine Confectionery claims 166 jobs could go following the planned closure of its factory in Blackpool in a UK-wide programme to trim excess capacity.

Chief medical officer’s view on sugar challenged

05-Mar-2014 - Top nutrition scientists have been drawn into a row following comments made by England’s chief medical officer that sugar could be addictive and may need to be taxed.

Metal detectors now 'redundant'

03-Mar-2014 - nstalling Russell Finex's Eco self-cleaning filters and compact sieves has given Godiva Chocolatier complete traceability back to any contamination source.

Sugar-beet carb used for tooth-friendly gum

03-Mar-2014 - Functional ingredients maker Beneo has used its sugar-beet derived carbohydrate Palatinose to develop 'the first' polyol-free, tooth-friendly bubble gum children's confectionery.

Confectionery firms ditch colours linked to hyperactivity

03-Mar-2014 - Cloetta and Tangerine Confectionery are the latest food manufacturers to remove six food colours that are possibly associated with hyperactivity from their products.

Thorntons to make biggest capital investment in 25 years

03-Mar-2014 - Thorntons aims to pump £10M each year for the next three years into expanding capacity in its biggest capital investment in 25 years, it confirmed in a conference call.

Meat firms would benefit if inflation matched property

19-Feb-2014 - The full extent of food price inflation over the past 40 years has been highlighted by design agency Neomammalian Studios.

Trading Standards: latest on cancer dyes in sweets

19-Feb-2014 - Trading Standards officers have warned the food industry that potentially cancer-causing dyes have been discovered in confectionery sold in the West Yorkshire region.

Tesco and M&S reject Which?’s ‘dodgy discounts’ claim

19-Feb-2014 - Tesco and Marks & Spencer (M&S) have rejected claims from consumer watchdog Which? that consumers find some of their pricing policies as difficult to understand as “tackling an obstacle course”.

Mergers and acquisitions in 2014 – in pictures

17-Feb-2014 - US firms have invested in two British brands so far this year – continuing a growing trend for overseas deals.

Yorkie helps drive Nestlé to upbeat results in UK & Ireland

14-Feb-2014 - Yorkie bars and Quality Street helped to sweeten the results of food manufacturing giant Nestlé, in the UK and Ireland, according to its full-year financial results released yesterday (February 13).

Nestlé boss expects another tough year

13-Feb-2014 - Nestlé ceo Paul Bulcke has predicted a tough year ahead, as the manufacturing giant revealed total sales of CHF92.2bn for 2013, up by 2.7% on the previous year.

Department of Health defends food industry meetings

12-Feb-2014 - A senior Department of Health (DH) official has defended the large number of meetings he has held with food and drink companies, as part of the government strategy to stem what health professionals describe as the growing “crisis” of obesity in parts of the UK.

Alcohol and sugar laws needed to stem ‘cancer tidal wave’

07-Feb-2014 - Tough new controls on alcohol and sugary drinks are needed to combat “a tidal wave” of cancer that is set to sweep the globe over the next 20 years, warns the World Health Organisation (WHO).


Editor's view: Sugar is the new battleground

05-Feb-2014 - As I predicted in my leading article in the November 2013 issue of Food Manufacture, sugar is now the next battleground . However, little did I realise the lengths sugar's detractors would go to in their attempts to demonise this ingredient which, as well as bringing pleasure to people, is also required in small quantities for our brains to function properly.

‘Hybrid’ shoppers dump mid-market chocs

04-Feb-2014 - European consumers are beginning to dump chocolates that target the mid-market in favour of premium and value brands, according to a new report from Rabobank.

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