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Upcoming Events

September 2015

Defence & threat – are you prepared

Location:Ashfords LLP, London - LONDON
Leading speakers will present on a variety of aspects of defence and threats and how to manage the challenges the food industry faces. This one-day event, organised by the Society of Food Hygiene & Technology (SOFHT), will also discuss Threat Assessment Critical Control Point and the PAS 96 guide to protecting food businesses from deliberate attack. Topics will also include food fraud, supply chain, horizon scanning, training courses and food security. The Food Standards Agency and Leatherhead Food Research will speak.

Internal auditing

The Society of Food Hygiene and Technology’s (SOFHT’s) one-day event will provide an understanding of the skills and techniques required to get the most out of internal auditing. Topics include the entire process of internal auditing, from the use of risk assessment to determine audit plans, to developing templates and audit scopes to ensure thoroughness and consistency through to the completion of effective audits and the management of corrective actions.

Next steps for UK food waste policy – waste reduction, innovation and anaerobic digestion

Type:Online conference
This conference will discuss the future of UK food waste policy and the role that producers, retailers, households and government can play in reducing waste across the food chain. It will also tackle the latest thinking on innovation – including advances in packaging – to reduce food waste going to landfill, and latest developments regarding anaerobic digestion. Speakers include the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; Food and Drink Federation; Tesco and Fareshare.

Food Safety Conference - Safer food and drink – from the harvest to the home

Location:The Lowry - Manchester
Food Manufacture’s 2015 food safety conference will take a whole supply chain look at food safety and integrity. It will investigate the latest developments to ensure food safety from the farm, through manufacture and the supply chain, to products and packaging on sale. It will also discuss what more the industry can do to reassure consumers about the safety and authenticity of the food they eat.The one-day conference is targeted at practitioners in the food and drink supply chain who are involved with food safety: from operations and technical managers to regulatory specialists; and from new product developers to food hygiene managers in manufacturing, retail and foodservice.Chairman: Professor Colin Dennis, president elect of the US Institute of Food Technologists, former director general of Campden BRI and past president of the UK Institute of Food Science & TechnologyTake a look at the day's agenda here. Subjects covered: SESSION 1: Minimising contamination in raw materials and ingredients SESSION 2: Managing safety hazards and risks in processing, distribution and sale SESSION 3: Delivering products that are safe throughout their shelf-life SESSION 4: Reassuring consumers about the safety of what they eat


29-Sep-2015 to 01-Oct-2015
Location:NEC - BIRMINGHAM - United Kingdom
The very latest in food and drink processing and packaging technology will be unveiled at this exhibition. Innovations launched at the three-day event, will cover: checkweighers, industrial robotics, automation, conveyors, filling lines, packaging and vision systems.

October 2015

The future of food – the future of the environment?

21-Oct-2015 to 22-Oct-2015
Location:ZSL London Zoo - London - United Kingdom
How to transform the conversation about diet, change behaviour and reduce the conflicts between food production, consumption and conservation will be the hot topics during this two-day event. Topics will also include the UK’s global food footprint, efficient land use, healthy eating and edible proteins produced with fewer resources.

Next steps for UK Agricultural Technologies – investment, research and progress from the catalyst projects

Location:WESTMINSTER, LONDON - United Kingdom
This conference will tackle the challenges and priorities for UK agricultural technologies. Topics will include data and agricultural research, food security challenge, investment, innovation, farm business development, export opportunities and government policy. It will also discuss the next steps for the Agri-tech Catalyst Projects: translating research into practical applications and the role of Centres for Agricultural Innovation and advances in sustainable intensification. Speakers will inlcude representatives from Sainsbury and Rothamstead Research.

November 2015

Food Manufacturing Excellence Awards

Location:Lancaster Hotel - London
Now in its 15th consecutive year, the Food Manufacture Excellence Awards has become an industry benchmark for all those wishing to aspire to world class standards in food excellence.These awards differ from other industry awards in that they recognise the manufacturing achievements rather than end products.The Awards assess companies' progress across a range of criteria including NPD, category management, quality assurance, and process innovation.

Unlocking The Power Of Insight For Innovation and NPD

Location:The Holiday Inn, Bloomsbury - London - United Kingdom
This day is about understanding why some organisations can turn research and data into great insight – and some can’t. It will take lessons from leading innovators, trend forecasters and analysts as well as look at novel and low-cost methods of unlocking insight for better innovation and NPD.

Managing Sustainability Opportunities and Risks in the Food & Drink Industry

Location:One Great George Street - London - United Kingdom
Following the success of its first-ever Sustainability Convention in 2014, the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) is bringing together industry experts to tackle the challenge of climate change at a special event on November 10 2015. Helping food and drink businesses through discussions, workshops and panels will be experts from Nestlé, McCain Foods, Tesco, McDonald’s and advisers from the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC), the Met Office and Environment Agency.