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Upcoming Events

December 2014

Taste trends – ideas and inspiration for NPD

Location:Surrey - United Kingdom
Type:Online conference
This event aims to provide an insight into the upcoming trends in the food and drink industry. Speakers will discuss the latest consumer and market trends affecting food and drink, how history is shaping eating habits, what trends are on the horizon and whether functional foods and ingredients that claim nutrition and health can actually deliver on their promises. Speakers will include representatives from Leatherhead Food Research, Food Trends, Taste the Wild and Charlie Bigham’s.

Common Agricultural Policy - next steps for implementation and supporting the rural economy

The seminar will bring together key policymakers from government with the food and drink industry to discuss progress and next steps for the implementation of the common agricultural policy (CAP) reform, and future policy for up to 2020.Topics will include the priorities for the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs in spending CAP funding, challenges for rolling out the Basic Payment Scheme from January 2015, and the impact of new regulations – such as the 'Greening' of the CAP – on UK farming and production more widely.Keynote speakers will include National Farmers Union president Meurig Raymond.

February 2015

Tackling obesity, reducing sugar consumption, and next steps for the Responsibility Deal

With the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) report on carbohydrates currently out for consultation, this seminar will provide a timely opportunity to discuss challenges and opportunities for tackling obesity, and the key issues surrounding sugar consumption.Topics will include the impact of Public Health England's proposals to widen restrictions on junk food advertising and to launch targeted sugar consumption campaigns; the latest thinking on developing a sugar tax; and challenges for ensuring that the obesity debate does not over-centralise around sugar.


October 2014

Food Safety conference: Safe and legal food in a changing world

Location:Heritage Motor Centre - Gaydon, Warwickshire - United Kingdom
Food Manufacture's one-day food safety conference - ‘Safe and legal food in a changing world' - will look at emerging food safety issues and the changing regulatory environment. It will offer advice to food and drink companies on how they can avoid falling foul of major food safety incidents that can prove very costly and damaging to company reputations.The day will be divided into four sessions: Tomorrow's food safety risks; Managing the supply chain; Keeping food safe; and Novel processes and packaging.