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Mars recall

Now Lidl recalls Mars and Snickers in the UK

By Mike Stones+

Last updated on 26-Feb-2016 at 14:42 GMT2016-02-26T14:42:34Z

Lidl has now withdrawn some Snickers and Mars products from sale
Lidl has now withdrawn some Snickers and Mars products from sale

Discount store Lidl is recalling Mars and Snickers six pack chocolate bars, on fears they may contain pieces of plastic, following the chocolate manufacturer’s recall in 55 countries.

The latest recall affected Mars chocolate bars, sold in six pack/270g and Snickers chocolate bars, sold in six packs weigh size: 6 pack/300g. See full details below.

Mars blamed the recall on “a piece of plastic” that was found in one of its products.

‘Sincere apologies’

The manufacturer apologised to customers in a point of sale notice. “Mars Chocolate regrets any inconvenience caused to consumers and offers their sincere apologies,” according to the notice.

A spokesman for the Food Standards Agency said: “Lidl UK has taken the precautionary step of recalling Mars 6 pack chocolate bars (270g) and Snickers 6 pack chocolate bars (300g), supplied by Mars Chocolate Germany, because they possibly contain pieces of plastic.” 

‘Precautionary step’

Mars said on Tuesday (February 23) the UK recall affected mainly fun-sized products. The firm said in a statement: “Mars Chocolate UK takes the precautionary step of recalling products produced [at its Veghel factory] in the Netherlands, due to the possibility of plastic contamination in our products.”

The recall arises from concern that potential plastic contamination could represent a choking hazard.


The Lidl Mars recall

Mars chocolate bars

  • Pack size: 6 pack/270g
  • ‘Best before’ date: September 4 2016, September 25 2016, October 9 2016, October 16 2016

Snickers chocolate bars

  • Pack size: 6 pack/300g
  • ‘Best before’ date: July 10 2016, July 24 2016

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