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‘I was wrong to trash GM’: author Mark Lynas

1 commentBy Mike Stones , 04-Jan-2013

Mark Lynas: 'The real Frankenstein’s monster was not GM science but our reaction to it'

Mark Lynas: 'The real Frankenstein’s monster was not GM science but our reaction to it'

A former campaigner against genetic modification (GM) told the Oxford Farming Conference yesterday (January 3) he deeply regretted his part in the campaign that has denied millions safe and affordable food.

Environmental campaigner and author Mark Lynas said: “I regret completely the part I played in helping to campaign against GM food starting in 1995.”

Lynas said the campaign – which featured “an anti-science message” − had demonised GM techniques. In doing so, it had held back the development of important GM technologies, which could make a powerful contribution to improving the availability of safe food while cutting pesticide, fertiliser and other imputs such as diesel.

‘The real Frankenstein’s monster’

“The real Frankenstein’s monster was not GM science but our reaction to it,” he said.

Watch out for’s exclusive video interview with Lynas next week.

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Can he be trusted?

Lynas is a non-scientist who also promotes nuclear reactors over wind as a low carbon solution to climate change: His assessments cannot be trusted.

The Guardian reported EuropaBio’s recruitment of GM ambassadors to persuade EU governments to accept genetically manipulated (GM) crops and foods. They report a leaked PR company letter places Mark Lynas among them. Lynas denies he’s a recruit but he follows the industry script.

John Vandermeer, Professor of Ecology at Michigan University rebuts Lynas main arguments here as based on science:

Lynas' cluelessly trashed GM crops in the '90s but his backing for GM crop science now is also misplaced. For the public, farm viability, food safety, GM pollution & patents on the food supply that transfer ownership and control to a few corporations are key unresolved concerns. Where are his responses to these genuine and well-founded concerns?

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Posted by Bob Phelps
24 January 2013 | 13h532013-01-24T13:53:46Z

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