Health and ingredients show to reveal latest trends

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The latest developments in ingredients will be showcased
The latest developments in ingredients will be showcased

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Next month's Health Ingredients Europe (HiE) and Natural Ingredients (Ni) shows are an ideal opportunity to catch up on the latest trends and new products on the market, says Nicholas Robinson

Key points

The global food ingredients market is set to reach a value of £47bn by 2018 and visitors to Health Ingredients Europe (HiE) and Natural Ingredients (Ni) shows in Amsterdam from December 2–4 can expect to see lots of new product development on display, reflecting this growth.

Movers and shakers from some of the largest companies, including PepsiCo and Mars, are expected to attend the shows. The organiser predicts around 8,000 visitors over the shows’ three days.

The focus this year will be on providing visitors with a comprehensive perspective about what's happening in the global nutritional and wellness sector, by playing host to more than 500 exhibitors. These will include some of the biggest names in the sector, such as Carbery, Lonza, Kaneka, ADM, among others.

The key issues facing the health ingredients sector, including reformulation, product innovation and legislation, will also be discussed at a variety of conferences and seminars that will be taking place.

Over the next three pages, we take a look at some of the products on display at the exhibitions.

Heart health (Return to top)

DSM will feature its portfolio of nutritional offerings this year, including its olive oil-based elaVida polyphenol ingredient. This is made from olives using a solvent-free process.

DSM claims elaVida contains a powerful antioxidant known as hydroxytyrosol, which supports heart health by protecting blood lipids from oxidative stress.

Alongside its elaVida product, DSM will also showcase Omega 60, which is a 60% omega-3 product for dietary supplements. It is a new, high concentrated form of vegetarian omega-3 that is allergen- and genetically modified organism-free, according to DSM.

A range of cholesterol-reducing plant sterol products named CardioAid has also been developed by ADM for use in food and drink products. This range of novel food-approved ingredients is targeted at reducing cholesterol levels. It will also allow manufacturers to capitalise on health claims, which show that plant sterols can lower or reduce blood cholesterol.

Elsewhere, Kaneka will present its Ubiquinol and Glavonoid ingredients. These are said to help prevent oxidative damage to cells, as well as helping to reduce visceral fat. By combining Ubiquinol with omega-3 fatty acids, manufacturers can make products that help contribute to the normal function of the heart, says Kaneka.

Satiety (Return to top)

Hunger-reducing ingredients have been a fast-growing sector for decades and Lonza has added to the array of ingredients available with its Carnipure product. Among other things, this is claimed to help consumers manage their weight more effectively.

Also offering a weight management product is Roquette, with its latest Nutralys pea and wheat proteins. The proteins can be used to make meal replacements, such as ice creams. Nutralys is also a 100% vegetarian protein solution.

Sugar reduction (Return to top)

PureCircle, one of Europe’s stevia producers, will show manufacturers how they can use its PureCircle 3.0 product to deliver good taste with fewer calories.

Following a rise in consumer demand for more natural food and beverages, as well as lower-calorie options, PureCircle will show visitors how they can combine existing ingredients with its stevia ingredient to make lower calorie, naturally-sweetened food and drinks, which taste good.

Also presenting sugar reduction ingredients will be Beneo, which will show visitors how they can use its prebiotic fibres, rice derivatives and functional carbohydrates to reduce the amount of sugar used in their food and drink products.

Sports nutrition (Return to top)

Muscle mass can be increased substantially through the use of Gelita's Peptiplus, claims the company. Recent trials have shown that, when using the product, protein loads can be increased without causing taste and texture problems. Peptiplus also decreases fat mass and enhances the body toning effect, it claims.

Dairy ingredients manufacturer Arla Food Ingredients will show its Lacprodan Hydro 365 whey protein hydrolysate. This product is designed for sports nutrition and helps to reduce recovery time from days to hours, claims the firm. It was developed for sports enthusiasts, such as cyclists, runners and triathletes.

Recovery time when using Hydro 365 is said to be reduced due to its higher degree of hydrolysis, which means it can be more easily absorbed into the body. Hydro 365 can be used in various applications, including clear beverages, gels, bars, powders and tablets.

Flavouring of sports nutrition products will be covered by Carbery, which has joined forces with Synergy to showcase the two firms’ joint protein and flavour capabilities.

The collaboration has resulted in a protein and flavouring platform titled ‘Taste for Performance’, which combines high-performance capabilities, with high-quality flavours for the sports nutrition sector.

Carbery will also showcase its new generation of Optipep product. This is a high quality protein that provides a source of essential and branched-chain amino acids.

Roquette too will feature the muscle mass maintenance benefits of its Nutralys plant proteins, which are claimed to be packed full of proteins to help boost muscle growth and aid recovery.

Also operating in the sports nutrition sector is ADM with its Clarisoy ingredient. This is an isolated soya protein range that allows manufacturers to fortify beverages with proteins. It has been designed for use in low-pH or neutral beverage applications, which include sports and recovery drinks.

Cognitive health (Return to top)

Ingredients that maintain consumer wellbeing will be shown by vitamin and mineral firm SternVitamin, which has developed its new ‘Mind Calming’ premix drink, as well as another premix drink called ‘Brainpower’.

Mind Calming is high in selected vitamins such as B and C and also contains elder extracts, which have polyphenols and anthocyanins. SternVitamin claims these can relieve stress while promoting mental and emotional wellbeing.

Its Brainpower premix drink also contains vitamin C, but is also high in green tea extract and is claimed to promote mental wellbeing, as well as relieving emotional and mental stress.

Lonza will also be showing its Memree cognitive health products, which include MemreePS and MemreePlus. The products contain soy-based phosphatidylserines, which are important to human cell structure and can be found in concentrated amounts in brain cells.

Joint health (Return to top)

A growing body of evidence about the benefits of collagen peptides has lead gelatines and collagen peptides manufacturer Rousselot to exhibit the joint health and mobility attributes of its Peptan product.

Gelita will also be showing its Fortigel joint health product, which has been scientifically proven to stimulate the synthesis of the extracellular matrix and therefore the production of cartilage tissue. As a result, it also counteracts wear and tear on joints caused by ageing and excessive loading.

The company will also show its Fortibone supplement, which is claimed to stimulate osteoblast (bone-forming) in the bones to help increase the production of the extracellular matrix. This is the essential framework for calcium mineralisation. It also regulates degenerative processes by reducing production of the enzyme protease in osteoclast bone cells.

Bakery (Return to top)

German firm Kampffmeyer has tapped into three major consumer trends with its Vein of Gold wheat, Snow Wheat and Purafarin Hydrosoft functional flour.

Health, wellbeing and clean labelling are all areas which the company has targeted with its bakery solutions. Vein of Gold is derived from a wheat fraction known as the ‘aleurone layer’, which is part of the bran layer and has a high content of dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Snow Wheat is a micro-granule product that can instil high levels of dietary fibre in products, while maintaining a pleasant flavour.

Meanwhile, Kampffmeyer’s Purafarin Hydrosoft has been developed in response to an increase in demand for clean-label products. It improves texture, bite and flavour and can be used in baguettes, muffins and other bread products.

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