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PM ‘intends to protect’ EU national workers already here, after Brexit

PM ‘intends to protect’ EU national workers already here, after Brexit

The prime minister “absolutely intends” to protect the right of up to 100,000 non-UK EU nationals already working in the British food and drink sector to remain in this country after Brexit, according to her environment secretary Andrea Leadsom.

Published: 28-Sep-2016

Pork processor: collaboration has reduced audits

How meat firms have reduced their audit burden

Rob Nugent

Operations director - Direct Table Foods

The director at a leading pork processor has claimed that industry-wide collaboration has enabled his company to reduce the meat sector’s audit burden following the horsemeat crisis.

Published: 05-Sep-2016

Grocery regulator: ‘I am dependent on suppliers’

Video: supermarket ombudsman ‘depends’ on food and drink suppliers

Christine Tacon

Groceries Code Adjudicator

The woman in charge of regulating the relationship between retailers and suppliers says she is “totally dependent” on food and drink firms telling her about unfair practices.

Published: 01-Sep-2016

Frozen food boss leaves organisation on a positive note

Frozen food boss looks back on his time in charge

Brian Young, chief executive of the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) said the organisation is now “modern and forward-thinking”, as he looked back on his 10 years in charge.

Published: 24-Aug-2016

Frozen food manufacturers have ‘lots of opportunity’

Frozen food manufacturers have ‘lots of opportunity’ to grow

Frozen food manufacturers should follow consumer trends closely to benefit from the key drivers of the industry, according to British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) chief executive Brian Young.

Published: 08-Aug-2016

‘Bright’ outlook for frozen food manufacturers

Frozen food sector worth billions

Frozen food manufacturing products are set to rise in popularity, based on consumers’ preference for less waste and higher nutrient value, according to a report from the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF).

Published: 05-Aug-2016

Problem-solving through teamwork at Kellogg UK

Kellogg’s on how to solve problems through teamwork

Tony O’Brien

Manchester plant director - Kellogg UK

Delivering a high-quality consistent product and a tireless quest to improve working practices are what drive Tony O’Brien on after seven years as plant director at Kellogg UK’s Manchester factory.

Published: 03-Aug-2016

The Black Farmer: ‘brands are the future’

Gluten-free entreprenuer talks about the future of brands

Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones

Founder - The Black Farmer

Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones didn’t build a £10M business by sitting still – so Food Manufacture caught up with him while driving through the streets of London.

Published: 02-Aug-2016

What food and drink manufacturers worry about most

Brexit and sugar tax are food manufacturers’ top worries

Brexit and the sugar tax topped food and drink manufacturers’ concerns this year, according to the Food Manufacture Group’s exclusive industry-wide survey. We explore the headline results of the survey with the editor of Food Manufacture Rick Pendrous.

Published: 18-Jul-2016

Boosting productivity at Coca-Cola’s Wakefield factory

Coca-Cola factory boss talks staff engagement

Trevor Newman

Supply chain operations director - Coca-Cola European Partners

Boosting productivity by improving employee engagement is a four-step process at Coca-Cola European Partners’ (CCEP) Wakefield factory.

Published: 05-Jul-2016

Lightning strike causes fireball at food waste plant

Food waste plant fireball caused by lightning strike

A lightning strike that ignited a huge methane gas fireball at a food waste management site in Oxfordshire has caused £250,000 of damage.

Published: 27-Jun-2016

Lean and green tops the agenda for Kinnerton

Chocolate factory sweet on lean manufacturing plans

Mark Bullock

General manager - Kinnerton Confectionery

Leaner manufacturing and improved staff engagement are the twin targets of Kinnerton Confectionery’s site in Sherburn-in-Elmet, North Yorkshire.

Published: 24-May-2016

London bakery fire arsonist caught on CCTV

Bakery fire arsonist caught on CCTV

Dramatic CCTV footage of a masked arsonist attacking a London bakery has been released by the Metropolitan Police.

Published: 23-May-2016

Skilled managers ‘vital for lean manufacturing’

Lean food manufacturing depends on skilled managers

A skilled and fully-trained management team is vital for the success of lean and green food and drink manufacturing, according to fast-moving consumer goods improvement specialist Simon Spanyol, who took part in the Food Manufacture Group’s recent webinar dedicated to the subject.

Published: 19-May-2016

Lean and green manufacturing savings: what to expect

Lean and green manufacturing savings: what to expect

Lauras International partner, Jeremy Praud sets out what savings to expect from implementing a lean food and drink manufacturing programme in this video interview.

Published: 18-May-2016

M&S sourcing boss: what we expect from suppliers

Marks & Spencer’s sourcing boss: what we expect from suppliers

Marks & Spencer (M&S) sets demanding standards for its suppliers but rewards top class achievement, explains the retailer’s head of responsible sourcing and packaging and Plan A Louise Nicholls, in this exclusive video interview.

Published: 18-May-2016

Greencore boss sets out lean manufacture gains

Food manufacturer explains the benefits of lean

Lean and green food manufacturing is about far more than “switching off the lights and lagging the pipes”, Greencore’s group technical director Helen Sisson explains in this exclusive video interview.

Published: 11-May-2016

Campylobacter control needs unified approach

Campylobacter control needs unified food industry action

Combating campylobacter infection requires a broad industry approach of co-ordinated action, according to Food Manufacture's Big Video Debate on the subject at Foodex last month.

Published: 10-May-2016

Food firms should ‘do more to back apprentices’

Food manufacturers should ‘do more to support apprenticeships’

Food and drink manufacturers should do more to help apprentices find work in the sector, according to Jon Poole, chief executive of the Institute of Food Science & Technology (IFST).

Published: 09-May-2016

Food and drink crime: what tops experts’ wish list

 Food crime: what’s on the experts’ wish list

Persuading people to share information about suspected food and drink crime, co-ordinating intelligence sharing and harnessing technology to beat criminal activity topped the wish lists of experts taking part in Food Manufacture’s Big Video Debate on food fraud at Foodex.

Published: 06-May-2016

Campylobacter: rapid chilling is ‘nearest to silver bullet’

Campylobacter: rapid chilling is ‘nearest thing to silver bullet’

Campylobacter control using rapid surface chilling (RSC) is “the nearest thing we have to a silver bullet”, and should be adopted widely to cut infection levels, according to Bernard Matthews group technical director Jeremy Hall.

Published: 04-May-2016

2 Sisters boss: ‘apprentices play a key role’

2 Sisters boss: ‘apprentices play a key role’

2 Sisters Food Group relies on apprentices to help plug the skills gap, according to its group technical learning and development manager, who helped frame the government’s new Trailblazer programme of apprenticeships.

Published: 03-May-2016

Manufacturing spending ‘hit by EU referendum uncertainty’

Manufacturing investment ‘delayed by EU referendum fears’

Many manufacturing business leaders are delaying investment until after the EU referendum on June 23, according to TV business broadcaster Steph McGovern.

Published: 03-May-2016

Food Crime Unit boss aims to win food firms’ trust

Food Crime Unit boss sets out priority for year ahead

Winning food and drink manufacturers’ trust, as a first step to persuading them to share information to help combat crime, is the top priority of the head of Food Standards Agency’s (FSA’s) Food Crime Unit Andy Morling.

Published: 22-Apr-2016

Insects as human food set for tasty growth

Insects as human food set for tasty growth

Insects as a source of human food are set for big growth, driven by western consumers’ sense of culinary adventure and environmental responsibility, according to speakers at our food innovation conference last month.

Published: 21-Apr-2016