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Nutrition’s future is linked to epigenetics

Food nutrition ‘significantly developed’ over past 50 years

Judy Buttriss

director general - British Nutrition Foundation

The science of food nutrition has advanced more over the past 50 years than at any time before, says the British Nutrition Foundation director general Professor Judy Buttriss.

Published: 14-Sep-2017

Food packaging has ‘massively improved’ safety

Food packaging has ‘massively improved’ food hygiene

Chris Waterhouse

md - iDi Pac

Food and drink packaging has massively improved food safety over the past 90 years, according to iDi Pac md Chris Waterhouse.

Published: 11-Sep-2017

Food challenges are common globally: skills boss

Food challenges are the same globally: skills boss

Jon Poole

Chief executive - IFST

Food industry challenges are the same throughout the world, and different regions can learn from each other in tackling them, the boss of the Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) has claimed.

Published: 01-Sep-2017

Meat firm boss on his switch from IT to food

Pie maker on why he left successful IT career for food

Tom Martin

Owner - Eric Richmond

The owner of a Yorkshire-based pie and meat maker has confessed to being lucky in his search for a food business, after making an unconventional switch from a successful career in IT.

Published: 30-Aug-2017

US food show offers answers for UK students

US food show offers answers for UK students

Two British students gained valuable insights into the global industry after visiting one of the world’s biggest food shows – the Institute of Food Technologists’ (IFT’s) Annual Meeting & Food Expo – in Las Vegas in June.

Published: 29-Aug-2017

Latest food safety tech ‘keeps food fresher’

Food safety new technology to keep food fresher

Richard Akkermans

Technology Director - Campden BRI

The latest technology in food manufacturing will help to keep food as fresh as possible, while not compromising on safety, says Campden BRI technology director Richard Akkermans.

Published: 03-Aug-2017

Core values key to winning an FMEA

Tea manufacturer advises on winning a food and drink Oscar

Gill Green

Marketing director - Wessanen UK

Staying true to your core values and being the best at what you do is key to winning a Food Manufacture Excellence Award, according to Wessanen UK – owner of last year’s Beverage manufacturing company of the year Clipper Teas.

Published: 31-Jul-2017

FMEA Oscar hopefuls ‘should play to their strengths’

Food Manufacture Excellence Awards entrants ‘should play to strengths’

Entrants to this year’s Food Manufacture Excellence Awards (FMEAs) should use their unique strengths as the basis for their entries, recommended FMEA judge Simon Chattock, ahead of the deadline for entries on Monday July 24.

Published: 19-Jul-2017

Coke boss gives packaging sustainability advice

Drinks boss gives food and drink packaging tips

Nick Brown

Head of Sustainability - Coca-Cola European Partners

Coca-Cola European Partners’ (CCEP’s) head of sustainability Nick Brown is urging food and drink manufacturers to reform recycled packaging collection systems, as his business steps up its recycling programme.

Published: 19-Jul-2017

Labour ‘one of this year’s awards themes’: FMEA judge

Labour market to top Food Manufacture Excellence Award themes

Jeremy Richardson

director - Turner & Townsend Suiko

Coping with the challenges of a reduced labour market will be one of the key themes of this year’s Food Manufacture Excellence Awards (FMEA), predicts FMEA judge, Jeremy Richardson, speaking ahead of the deadline for entries on Monday July 24.

Published: 17-Jul-2017

IFT show highlights food science communication

IFT show highlights food science communication

The passion to communicate food science more effectively characterised the Institute of Food Technologists’ (IFT’s) Annual Meeting & Food Expo in Las Vegas last month, according to the organisation’s immediate past president Professor Colin Dennis.

Published: 14-Jul-2017

Trust was ‘key issue’ at Food safety conference

Food safety trust tops Food Manufacture’s conference agenda

Steven Walker

director general - Campden BRI

Developing trust with food safety regulators was the key issue of this year’s Food Manufacture Food safety conference, says the conference chair and Campden BRI director general Professor Steven Walker.

Published: 12-Jul-2017

Food safety culture ‘important for product delivery’

Food safety culture ‘better than training’

Sterling Crew

head of technical - Kolak Snack Foods

Food safety culture plays an important role in delivering a high quality product, says Kolak Snack Foods head of technical Sterling Crew.

Published: 11-Jul-2017

Ways to win a food or drink manufacturing Oscar

Food manufacturing Oscar winner’s top three tips

Jack Hamilton

director - Mash Direct

Showcasing innovation, answering each question individually and using award entries to measure year-on-year improvement were Mash Direct’s top three tips for winning a Food Manufacture Excellence Award (FMEA), after the business triumphed at last year’s Oscars.

Published: 07-Jul-2017

Cheese blending boss on exclusive Guinness deal

Guinness deal for small cheese blending firm

Melvin Glynn

Managing director - Windyridge Cheese

A cheese blending boss has claimed a new factory and an exclusive Guinness deal is likely to double the turnover of his business by the end of the year.

Published: 07-Jul-2017

Organic tea boss: demand for premium goes global

Organic tea boss on why premium pays

Mark Bagwell

Operations director - Wessanen UK

Organic tea maker Clipper Teas is experiencing “real international demand” for premium black tea variants, according to the man responsible for developing the business.

Published: 03-Jul-2017

UK needs to be more vocal on global meat antibiotic use

UK meat industry needs urge Asia to cut antibiotic use

Reg Smith

agriculture director - Faccenda

The UK’s meat sector needs to be more vocal in encouraging Asian countries to cut antibiotic use, as treatment here has significantly reduced, says the British Poultry Council’s (BPC’s) Reg Smith.

Published: 29-Jun-2017

Food firms ‘to get more control’ with new FSA plan

Food firms ‘to get more control’ with new FSA plan

John Barnes

Food safety consultant - Enmoore

The Food Standards Agency’s (FSA’s) plan to refocus its resources to investing more money in strategic science and data analysis will give food and drink manufacturers more control over their destiny, according to former-FSA head of local authority enforcement John Barnes.

Published: 26-Jun-2017

Ecotrophelia UK winner on attracting young talent

Green food award winner on attracting younger talent to food

Food manufacturers could do much more to attract younger people to the industry, according to the winner of this year’s Ecotrophelia UK gold award.

Published: 19-Jun-2017

Safety conference to focus on latest industry tech

Food safety conference to focus on latest food manufacturing tech

Richard Akkermans

Technology Director - Campden BRI

How new technology will benefit food safety will fall under the spotlight, courtesy of Campden BRI, at this year’s Food Manufacture food safety conference.

Published: 14-Jun-2017

Freshasia given ‘confidence boost’ after FMEA nomination

Food Manufacture Excellence Awards finalist given confidence boost

Jian Lan

Director - Freshasia Foods

Winning a place on the Food Manufacture Excellence Awards (FMEAs) shortlist provided a big boost to staff at Chinese food maker Freshasia Foods.

Published: 02-Jun-2017

Organic tea maker sets out 10-year vision

Organic tea maker’s new factory set to meet demand

Mark Bagwell

Operations director - Wessanen UK

Organic tea maker Clipper will be able to meet predicted growth for the next 10 years when its new “best-in class” facility opens in the autumn, according to the man in charge of overseeing the development.

Published: 01-Jun-2017

How to win a food manufacturing Oscar

Food Manufacture Excellence Awards’ judges give tips on how to win

Food Manufacture Excellence Awards (FMEAs) judges have urged companies entering the awards to include the entire story behind their success in their applications, for the best chance to win a food and drink manufacturing Oscar.

Published: 30-May-2017

Firms ‘must prepare for promising’ earned recognition

Food safety conference to prepare firms for earned recognition

Food Manufacture’s food safety conference will arm delegates with the latest information on earned recognition, according to Enmoore food safety consultant and former Food Standards Agency (FSA) boss John Barnes.

Published: 12-May-2017

Nim’s Fruit Crisps founder on life after Brexit

Nim’s Fruit Crisps boss on life after Brexit

Nimisha Raja

Founder and ceo - Nim's Fruit Crisps

Promoting the British origin of food and drink products will pay off for manufacturers after Brexit, according to Nim’s Fruit Crisps founder and ceo Nimisha Raja.

Published: 05-May-2017