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Beware of food safety comfort zones

Food safety comfort zones can hurt

Food and drink manufacturers should be aware of falling into food safety comfort zones or they risk costly recalls, producing inefficiently and not satisfying their customers.

Published: 07-Oct-2015

Crime boss appeals for food industry partnership

Food crime boss appeals for new partnership

The new boss of the Food Crime Unit, Andy Morling, issued a passionate plea for partnership to beat food and drink crime, in this exclusive video interview, filmed at Food Manufacture’s Food safety conference.

Published: 05-Oct-2015

Improve supply chain transparency urges AHDB boss

Improve food supply chain transparency: AHDB boss

Food manufacturers should help to improve transparency in the food supply chain and share more information about changing customer tastes more openly, urges Jane King, new boss of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), in this exclusive video interview.

Published: 23-Sep-2015

More quality, depth and diversity among food manufacturing Oscars

Food awards feel quality boost

Improved quality, depth and diversity were the three themes of this year’s Food Manufacture Excellence Awards (FMEA), according to one of the judges.

Published: 07-Sep-2015

Better veterinary medicines regulations needed

EU needs better veterinary medicines regulations

Improved veterinary medicine regulations are needed urgently to help the EU safeguard food supplies and protect human health, according to a recent conference.

Published: 30-Jul-2015

UK lagging behind France on food waste redistribution

UK food industry more wasteful than France

The UK food and drink industry is lagging behind France with the amount of surplus food it send for redistribution, according to food redistribution charity FareShare.

Published: 18-Jun-2015

Investment brings more control for Aspall

Cider firm’s investment pays off

Cider manufacturer Aspall’s widespread investment programme has helped it gain more control over its business, according to its boss.

Published: 01-Jun-2015

Top three energy tips for food firms

How food firms could save energy

Food manufacturers could cut their energy costs by operating more energy efficiently, avoiding production during expensive peak demand periods and working more closely with their energy providers.

Published: 27-May-2015

Faccenda’s steam tool cuts campylobacter by 80%

Poultry company’s bug blasting to start commercial-scale operations

Faccenda Foods has achieved 80% campylobacter reductions in its whole chickens and plans to launch the first UK continuous production line application of SonoSteam, which enabled that, for Asda in June.

Published: 21-May-2015

Break down barriers to retail buyers

Food firm's barriers to retailers removed

Barriers to retail buyers can be smashed by food and drink entrepreneurs, according to the founder of business support organisation Enterprise Nation.

Published: 08-May-2015

Supermarket war ‘blunts campylobacter control’

Supermarket war ‘diverts attention’ from campylobacter

The battle against campylobacter, Britain’s leading cause of food poisoning, has been compromised by the big four supermarkets’ price war against discount stores Aldi and Lidl, warns Bernard Matthews group technical director Jeremy Hall.

Published: 05-May-2015

Beefed up Food Standards Agency would ‘boost safety’

Beef up Food Standards Agency to improve safety: Which?

A beefed up Food Standards Agency (FSA) – will full powers restored to oversee food standards, hygiene and safety – is the centre piece of consumer pressure group Which?’s wish list from the next government.

Published: 30-Apr-2015

Food fads and trends must be separated before innovating

Food firms need to understand difference between trends and fads

Food and drink manufacturers should understand the differences between fads and trends before investing money in innovations, according to food futurologist Morgaine Gaye.

Published: 07-Apr-2015

Small food firms’ key innovation weapon

Small firms benefits over big businesses

Small scale food and drink manufacturers have a key weapon in the battle to bring innovative new products to market – patience, according to the boss of one business.

Published: 01-Apr-2015

Desperate dairy sector needs government support

Dairy sector needs more government support

The UK’s ‘desperate’ dairy sector needs more support from the British government, according to National Farmers Union (NFU) president Meurig Raymond.

Published: 27-Mar-2015

Top social trends food firms must follow

Food firms must follow social trends

Four top trends – sobriety, risk management, nutritional supplements and everyday indulgence should guide food and drink manufacturers when planning innovation.

Published: 24-Mar-2015

Alpro’s biggest challenges during £28.5M expansion

Food firms' changing market share biggest challenge during investment

Managing growing market share and multiple suppliers were the biggest challenges Alpro faced when constructing its new £28.5M production facility at its existing Burton Latimer site, near Kettering.

Published: 18-Mar-2015

Zwanenberg’s buyout of Westlers boosts product quality and branding

Hot dogs get meatier after buyout

Zwanenberg Food Group’s acquisition of meat manufacturer Westlers has helped the business revamp its product quality and marketing, according to the firm’s marketing controller.

Published: 09-Mar-2015

Perfect storm thwarting small food and drink firms

Food and drink business growth held back

There is a perfect storm holding back fast-growing small food and drink firms, according to entrepreneurs celebrated by the government.

Published: 04-Mar-2015

Provision Trade Federation plans growth

Provision Trade Federation sets sights on growth

The Provision Trade Federation (PTF) has set out a three-year plan to grow its influence, services to members and membership numbers, under its new director general Terry Jones.

Published: 04-Mar-2015

DEFRA backs new Brussels red tape probe

EU red tape probe backed by DEFRA

A new EU probe into cutting red tape is being backed by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), environment secretary Liz Truss told this website last week.

Published: 02-Mar-2015

Premier Foods has its ‘foot on the gas’ – ceo

Premier Foods's investment update

Premier Foods will pump up to £25M into its production facilities in a bid to boost output and efficiencies across the UK and bolster its recovery this year, according to ceo Gavin Darby.

Published: 11-Feb-2015

Business forum gave access to top food execs

Food manufacturers’ forum offers access to top execs

Unrivalled access to top food and drink manufacturing executives was the top reason singled out by the sponsors of the Food Manufacture Group’s Business Leaders’ Forum for backing the event.

Published: 27-Jan-2015

Prepare for election threats and opportunities

Food industry threats and opportunities

Food and drink manufacturers should prepare for the threats and opportunities arising from the General Election in May, according to law firm DWF.

Published: 26-Jan-2015

Supermarket turmoil could benefit suppliers

Supermarket turmoil may mean clarity for suppliers

Turmoil in the grocery sector may bring greater clarity for their suppliers, predicts Wyke Farms md Richard Clothier.

Published: 26-Jan-2015