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Step change in food firms’ environmental initiatives

Step change for environmental initiatives

Food and drink manufacturers are transforming their impact on the environment and the entries for this year’s Food Manufacturing Excellence Awards (FMEAs) reflect this, according to food industry consultant Jean Feord.

Published: 30-Oct-2014

Food industry ‘teaming with’ high quality new talent

Food industry alive with new talent

The food and drink industry is “teaming with” young talent injecting passion and fresh qualities into businesses, according to the National Skills Academy for Food and Drink.

Published: 28-Oct-2014

TV star sets food and drink industry a mission

Food industry your 'licence to thrill' awaits

TV star Mark Durden-Smith has set food and drink manufacturers a mission to join him in celebration of the best the industry has to offer at the Food Manufacturing Excellence Awards (FMEAs) next month.

Published: 27-Oct-2014

Food industry must collaborate on moral responsibility

Food industry needs to collaborate on waste

The food industry cannot be seen as truly responsible and sustainable until it stops wasting so much of the food it produces, according to Iglo Group.

Published: 27-Oct-2014

Supply chain relationships ‘need more work’

Food supply chain relationships ‘need more work’

Relationships along the food supply chain need more work, according to Professor Colin Dennis, chair of the food safety conference.

Published: 24-Oct-2014

Beware food safety impact of reformulation

Food safety could be threatened by reformulation

Small-scale food manufacturers have been warned to beware the food safety consequences of reformulating their products to remove salt, sugar and fat.

Published: 22-Oct-2014

Antimicrobial resistance: stop arguing and start working together

Antimicrobial resistance: ‘stop rowing and work together’

Doctors, vets and farmers should stop rowing about who is responsible for the spread of antimicrobial resistance and work together to beat the “apocalyptic threat” it poses.

Published: 20-Oct-2014

New campylobacter control costs only 4–5p a bird

New food poisoning treatment costs only  4–5p a bird

A new technique to control campylobacter infections in poultry – which killed 110 Britons last year – is being developed at the modest cost of only 4–5p a bird.

Published: 17-Oct-2014

Prepare for food industry shake-ups, says IGD expert

Watch out for grey swans, says IGD expert

Food firms can prepare for ‘unpredictable’ market shake-ups if they make themselves more outwardly-focused and more open to change, according to IGD chief economist James Walton.

Published: 13-Oct-2014

Food industry successfully filling skills gap

Food industry talent drive builds government support

The food and drink industry’s quest to attract new talent is gaining ground, according to the president of Mars Chocolate UK Fiona Dawson.

Published: 10-Oct-2014

Brands must target occasions, consumption, says Premier Foods

Premier Foods focuses on eating occasions, shopping styles

Premier Foods is targeting eating occasions and changing shopper habits in order to boost sales of brands such as Mr Kipling cakes and Ambrosia desserts, according to its boss Gavin Darby.

Published: 10-Oct-2014

IGD boss highlights food industry challenges

Discount retailers a disruptive force

The rise of the discount retailers was the most disruptive force on the UK grocery market in the last year, according to delegates at the IGD conference yesterday (October 7).

Published: 08-Oct-2014

No need to fear energy audits: Wyke Farms boss

Energy saving audits: no need to fear, says Wyke Farms

Food and drink manufacturers have no need to fear compulsory energy audits that must be conducted by December 2015, says Wyke Farms’ boss Richard Clothier.

Published: 24-Sep-2014

Small firms should adopt ESOS too

Small firms should make most of energy scheme too

Small food and drink manufacturers should adopt the framework set out in the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) even though they do not have to comply with the legislation.

Published: 22-Sep-2014

Food Manufacturing Excellence Awards: vintage year

Food Manufacturing Excellence Awards: the judges' verdict

This year’s Food Manufacturing Excellence Awards (FMEAs) attracted a record number of entries and the calibre of those entries wowed the judging panel.

Published: 19-Sep-2014

Food and drink firms confused about energy scheme

Energy scheme still a mystery to firms

Food and drink firms are confused about the changes they must make to comply with the mandatory energy efficiency assessments, required as part of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS).

Published: 27-Aug-2014

Treat energy as seriously as health and safety

Energy is as important as health and safety

Food and drink manufacturers should treat energy management as seriously as health and safety, according to the boss of energy efficiency specialist JRP Solutions.

Published: 19-Aug-2014

GM isn’t scary, says SOFHT chairman

Consumers shouldn’t be scared of GM

Genetically modified (GM) foods should not be scary and a balanced debate about the science must take place for the food industry to provide consumers with more choice.

Published: 15-Aug-2014

Street food tells manufacturers what’s on trend

Food firms told to visit street food markets

Visiting street food markets will provide food manufacturers and retailers with instant and authentic feedback about new products and the latest food trends, claim stall holders at London’s newest street food market.

Published: 11-Aug-2014

Food manufacturing Oscars celebrate young talent

Food industry young talent celebrated in manufacturing awards

The Young Talent of the Year award – a new category in the Food Manufacturing Excellence Awards – will help to attract more young people into the sector, says Paul Wilkinson, chair of the judging panel.

Published: 28-Jul-2014

Obesity crisis demands more food science research

More research needed to tackle obesity crisis

More research is needed to counter Britain’s burgeoning obesity crisis, according to the Institute of Food Science & Technology (IFST), which helped the Food Manufacture Group stage an independent, free, one-hour video on the subject earlier this month.

Published: 14-Jul-2014

Obesity webinar speakers sum up key messages

Obesity experts sum up webinar messages

Calls to base Britain’s obesity debate on a more scientific footing and the urgent need to reformulate food and drink products were just two of the key messages speakers took from the Food Manufacture Group’s obesity webinar last week.

Published: 08-Jul-2014

Lucrative opportunities in brands from the past: Burtons

Burtons sees value in brands from the past

Reviving food brands from the past could prove even more lucrative if food businesses successfully tap into consumer nostalgia, according to Stuart Wilson, Burton’s Biscuit Company chief commercial officer.

Published: 23-Jun-2014

Food safety conference to help protect food firms

Food safety conference will highlight food industry risks

Food and drink manufacturers can learn how to guard against hazards and discover the latest science and technology to help them at the Food Manufacture Group’s Food safety conference in October.

Published: 18-Jun-2014

RSPO needs to broaden its principles: Cargill

Sustainable palm oil lobby group needs broader standards

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) has been called on to renew its principles on zero deforestation, land development and rights by Cargill Refined Oils Europe.

Published: 13-Jun-2014