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‘Forgotten killer’ salt set for health agenda return

Salt has slipped down the list of public food concerns, with sugar taking the top spot

09-May-2017 - Salt could return to the top of the health agenda after a survey found more than half of the UK population were unconcerned about how much they consumed, and only 14% knew that 6g was the recommended maximum daily amount.

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The meat substitute market will reach global sales of £4bn ($5.2bn) by 2020, according to a new report from Allied Market Research.

Tesco wants traffic light labels to include exercise

Food and drink traffic light nutrition labels should be reviewed to make them more understandable by consumers in the battle against obesity, according to Tesco’s strategic adviser Tim Smith.


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Israel's reputation for innovation in hi-tech industries can now be extended to food.


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Industry calls for health and nutrition improvements

FoodDrinkEurope, the European food and drink manufacturers’ association, has launched a call for action to help improve consumers’ diets and promote good health and nutrition at the European Business Summit yesterday (May 23).

Tax on sugary drinks may be extended after review

The sugar tax on soft drinks, which was passed by parliament on Tuesday [April 25] and will come into force next April, could be extended to a raft of other food and drink products, following news that its effectiveness on reducing obesity – particularly in children – will be reviewed after two years.

Food nutrition in schools gets teacher training boost

Food nutrition in schools has been boosted by the launch of an online training course aimed at improving the knowledge of primary schoolteachers on the subject.

Almonds leads list of top 10 best-selling superfoods

Almonds have been crowned ‘King of superfoods’ in a top 10 list of best-selling superfoods created by online health food retailer Healthy Supplies, ahead of the Food Manufacture Group’s free snacking webinar at 3pm on June 15.

Whey drink offers bone support for over-50s

A high-protein chocolate-flavoured ready-to-mix (RTM) drink, developed to support muscle and bone health in the over 50s, was unveiled at Vitafoods Europe earlier this month.

Gluten-free seeds offer supply chain guarantee

A new range of gluten-free seeds that come with a guarantee of no cross-contamination in the supply chain have been introduced by Unicorn Ingredients.


Bakery spotlight: why the feelgood factor still matters

Mounting pressure from health groups hasn’t deterred consumer desire for ‘feelgood’ foods.


Nutrition show reveals emerging markets potential

Food manufacturers and suppliers are increasingly targeting emerging markets as an export opportunity, a survey of visitors and exhibitors at last week’s Vitafoods Europe show has revealed.