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Sugar and sodium cuts lead global reformulation

Food reformulation: government pressure to develop healthier products is paying off

18-Apr-2017 - More than 180,000 consumer goods were reformulated in 2016, with sugar and sodium the most targeted for removal by the food and drink industry, a global report has found.

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Not eating dairy puts young adults’ health at risk

Up to 3M young adults are putting their future health at risk by cutting dairy from their diet, warned The National Osteoporosis Society (NOS), as the number of children drinking milk in schools falls.

First health claim in sight for vitamin B12 probiotic

The first probiotic to gain a health claim from the EU has moved a step nearer, after a Dutch firm claimed it had managed to modify bacteria to produce substantial amounts of vitamin B12.

Turmeric sales boosted by health benefit awareness

Turmeric’s popularity continues to grow after a blending and packing firm reported a 10% increase in sales of the spice over the past year.

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Gulfood 2017 showcases edible oil formats

A range of edible oils, including rapeseed, soybean, corn, sunflower and a number of specific blends, were on display at Gulfood 2017.

Research aims to improve rice processing and reduce waste

Food waste during rice processing and poor nutrition in parts of the Indian population could be tackled, after Sheffield Hallam University was awarded £400,000 to undertake research to help support economic growth in rural communities.

Low-glycaemic hard-boiled candies on show at ISM

Sugar-free hard-boiled candies made with the sweetener isomalt were on display at this year’s ISM, the world’s largest trade fair for sweets and snacks.

UK imports of easy-to-peel mandarin set to rise

An easy to peel mandarin orange is expected to be more widely available in the UK, after plans were announced to double exports from Israel by 2020.

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Rare blue pigment offers colourant potential

A rare blue pigment derived from algae could soon be used as a colouring agent in food, after €1.6M (£1.35M) was pledged towards investigating its commercial value by the EU’s Horizon 2020 project.

Chocolate-based snacks feature at organic show

Organic food trade show BioFach played host to a variety of chocolate-based bakery, snacks, ice cream and muesli ingredients from Herza.

Quinoa production in UK boosted by deal

Quinoa production in the UK is set to increase after a domestic grower struck a deal to supply three years’ worth of crop to Lincolnshire-based pulse processor Dunns.

Almond milk and avocados top fastest-growing food

Almond milk, avocados and new flavours of water were the three fastest-growing food product categories in 2016, as consumers began to embrace the ‘clean-eating’ trend.