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Vitamin D cold and flu study link divides scientists

Vitamin D link: the study found that supplements can reduce the risk of cold and flu

17-Feb-2017 - A study that suggests vitamin D can play an important role in preventing colds and flu has received a mixed response from scientists and industry bodies, with Public Health England (PHE) claiming it “does not provide sufficient evidence” to support a link.

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Natural sugar reduction range extended

Food and drink manufacturers are now able to source a comprehensive range of sugar reduction additives from a single ingredients firm, after its leading range was extended to include new variants.

Fear the food fads, innovation experts warn

The dominance of the health agenda in food is leading to a “massive increase in faddy products” that hold no long-term value, two food innovation experts have warned.

Resistant starch shown to offer gut health boost

The potential health benefits of resistant starch (RS) could lead it to being classified as a prebiotic under the EU’s health claim process, according to a review.

Protein-rich sherbets for hospital patients

An ingredients firm has teamed up with an ice cream maker to develop nutritional ice cream products for hospital patients at risk of undernourishment.

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Dairy ingredients maker in New Zealand yogurt deal

A Staffordshire-based ingredients supplier is to manufacture a range of natural yogurt mixes from New Zealand following a £700,000 joint investment.

Bakery supplier in £1.5M caramel line spend

A range of “true caramel” toppings and fillings to suit a variety of uses has been launched by an ingredients firm after it invested £1.5M in a new production line.

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Omega-3 test reveals deficiency threats

Norwegian krill supplier Aker BioMarine used last month’s Health Ingredients Europe show to raise awareness of the “serious and costly” implications of being omega-3 deficient.

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New fudge pieces come with a bacon twist

Ice creams, sweet pizzas, cakes and even salads are the focus of a new range of bacon-flavoured fudge pieces.

Cocoa powder range gets an ‘intense’ addition

A cocoa powder range has been boosted by the addition of a new “intense” dark red variant that, according to its maker, is the only colour of its kind available on the market.

Fish pastes and powders targeted at upmarket meals

The seafood market is the focus of a new range of clean-label fish pastes and powders for savoury applications.

Food producers call for tax cuts on healthy food

A coalition of food and drink producers has urged the government to cut the tax on low-sugar food and drink products to 5%, following new research that revealed young adults can’t afford to buy healthy food.