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Rare blue pigment offers colourant potential

The pigment is currently used in France to enhance the value of oysters

24-Mar-2017 - A rare blue pigment derived from algae could soon be used as a colouring agent in food, after €1.6M (£1.35M) was pledged towards investigating its commercial value by the EU’s Horizon 2020 project.

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Chocolate-based snacks feature at organic show

Organic food trade show BioFach played host to a variety of chocolate-based bakery, snacks, ice cream and muesli ingredients from Herza.

Quinoa production in UK boosted by deal

Quinoa production in the UK is set to increase after a domestic grower struck a deal to supply three years’ worth of crop to Lincolnshire-based pulse processor Dunns.

Almond milk and avocados top fastest-growing food

Almond milk, avocados and new flavours of water were the three fastest-growing food product categories in 2016, as consumers began to embrace the ‘clean-eating’ trend.

Nestlé to cut 7,500t of sugar from confectionery

Nestlé UK and Ireland is planning a 10% cut in sugar across its range of confectionery products by 2018, including Kit Kat, Aero and Milkybar.

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Nutrition advice questioned by gut microbe scientist

Conventional advice on maintaining health and avoiding obesity have been called into question by a leading expert on bacterial gut health – also known as the microbiome – who claims that ensuring healthy bacteria in the lower intestines and colon has far more effect.

Sugar content of Irn-Bru slashed by 50%

Sugar in the soft drink Irn-Bru is to be cut by more than 50% before the end of the year, its Scottish producer has announced.

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Gluten-free growth is creating new markets: Edme

Bakery growth is continuing to be driven by premium, indulgent and artisanal products, but the ever-increasing popularity of gluten-free is enabling opportunities in new markets.

Eating more fruit could prevent 7.8M deaths

Eating 10 portions of fruit or vegetables a day could prevent 7.8M premature deaths a year, according to research by the Imperial College London.


Colours and flavours: why going natural brings challenges

The trend towards natural colours and flavours brings challenges as well as opportunities.

Brexit could impact UK nutrition research funding

Brexit could severely hinder the ability of UK firms and research bodies to participate in big EU-funded food science projects, a leading nutrition scientist has warned.


Evidence for benefits of resistant starch is growing

Vegetables and starchy carbs, such as potatoes, bread, pasta, rice and other grains, are currently the main sources of dietary fibre, with some provided by fruit, nuts and pulses.