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Antioxidant green tea extracts showcased at Drinktec

Drinktec visitors were able to try an instant tea based on the raw extracts

18-Sep-2017 - Tea extracts with a high polyphenol and catechin content were unveiled at Drinktec, which took place in Munich last week (September 11–15).

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Consumers continue to limit meat intake: survey

The flexitarian trend continues to gather pace after more than a quarter of UK consumers (28%) were found to have reduced or limited their meat consumption over a six-month period.

Childhood obesity research unit gets £5M

The government has pledged £5M towards a new policy research unit dedicated to understanding the causes of childhood obesity.

Whey can extend shelf-life of protein bars

The notoriously short shelf-life of protein bars may be a thing of the past thanks to a new whey protein that, according to its maker, can keep them soft for at least a year.

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Nutrient-rich microalgae set to become cheaper

A green microalgae rich in protein, iron, vitamins and antioxidants is set to become more affordable thanks to a French start-up team.

Natural colourant shows stability success in yogurt and water

A natural colourant range has compared favourably in stability tests for fruit preparations in yogurts and in flavoured sparkling waters.

Naturalness and surprising creations lead top beverage tips

Five tips to help beverage manufacturers grow sales have been unveiled by a colouring foods producer.

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First stevia antioxidant extract set for global production

The first antioxidant product extracted from the stevia leaf has moved a step closer after a development phase.

Salt reduction trials in meat alternatives claimed a success

A series of trials to reduce the sodium content of plant-based, vegan and vegetarian meat alternatives has been completed successfully by Salt of the Earth.

Food industry ‘ready for calorie-reduction challenge’

The food and drink industry will rise to the challenge of helping to reduce children’s calorie intake, says the Food and Drink Federation (FDF), as the government launches the next stage of its childhood obesity plan.


Brain-boosting functional foods are set to go mainstream

The universal appeal of cognitive health products is putting the market in a strong position.

Coca-Cola crowdsourcing seeks sugar alternatives

The Coca-Cola Company has launched two crowdsourcing schemes to find innovative ways to sweeten food and beverages.