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Event to put nanotechnology under industry's microscope

By Rick Pendrous , 31-Jul-2012
Last updated on 04-Aug-2012 at 14:17 GMT2012-08-04T14:17:26Z

The impact of novel technologies - including nanotechnology - on the shelf-life of food will be discussed at a workshop next month.

It is being organised by the Nano Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), Biosciences KTN and Leatherhead Food Research (LFR) and will take place at the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining in London on September 13.

The event will bring experts in packaging, processing and shelf-life testing, together with retailers and manufacturers to review and debate how novel and nano- enabled technologies can be used to predict, monitor and facilitate extensions in shelf-life.

The programme will include a session looking at the use of visual sensors for shelf-life monitoring, shelf-life monitoring once a package is opened and other novel approaches to sensor technology.

It will also cover how processing can extend shelf-life; an overview of current packaging technologies; and updates on techniques that can be used to monitor the state of food over extended periods.

Nanotechnology is recognised as being crucial to delivering the UK's wealth creation in the next 20 years. Its potential applications within the food and drink industry range from ingredients to smart packaging.

The NanoKTN, in conjunction with LFR, has created a focus group dedicated to raising awareness of the potential impact of nanotechnology. NanoKTN recently announced that its support and guidance had helped the UK's nanotechnology industry secure over £20M in funding and commercial sales.

"The UK has a wealth of academic knowledge and industrial expertise. By dedicating time to gather these leading professionals in the nanotechnology market to collaborate on projects, the NanoKTN support has helped secure a large investment for the UK that will provide impact on a global scale," says Dr Alec Reader, NanoKTN director.

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