BOC is the UK’s largest provider of industrial and specialist gases. Supported by a dedicated team of field and in-house specialists and our Food Technology Centre at Thame, Oxfordshire we work closely with the food industry to develop and deliver a diverse range of solutions that help food manufacturers to stay one step ahead in today’s competitive climate.

Cryogenic freezing and chilling
Delivering highly efficient cryogen and airflow technologies, CRYOLINE® freezers offer a number of advantages including high freezing or cooling capacity within a small footprint, increased production rates and product yields and improved product quality.

The CRYOLINE® freezer range has recently expanded and now offers solutions for batch, inline (including delicate products), spiral, IQF and high capacity freezing and chilling requirements.#

Modified atmosphere packing (MAP)
BOC MAPAX offers a complete range of controlled atmosphere packaging solutions that enhance shelf-life by retaining the original taste, texture and appearance of the foodstuff.

BOC has considerable global experience working closely with customers at all stages of beverage production including bottling, canning, packing, storage and pre- and post-mix dispensing in the carbonated drinks arena and the dairy, juice and coffee industries.

At BOC, we help our customers to create added value, clearly discernible competitive advantage and hence greater profitability with customised services and professional support.

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