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British Lion Eggs repeated calls for the EU to raise egg processing safety standards

News in brief

British Lion urges greater egg safety

By Noli Dinkovski

Egg accreditation body British Lion has renewed its call for the EU to raise egg processing safety standards across Europe after liquid egg whites produced in France, and available in the UK, were recalled due to salmonella.

The introduction of a meat tax to promote healthy eating was criticised by Wales’ meat industry body

Meat tax ‘a sledgehammer to break a nut’

By James Ridler

The introduction of a tax on meat to save lives and reduce healthcare costs would be like using ‘a sledgehammer to break a nut’, a national meat trade body has claimed.

Crawshaw has made 354 staff redundant after entering administration

Crawshaw axes 354 jobs after insolvency

By James Ridler

More than 350 staff at high street butcher Crawshaw have been made redundant, after the firm appointed administrators late last week.

Trick: 'The more you progress, the more you can have a positive impact on other people coming through'

Business leaders

Meat Business Women and the Trick of the trade

By Chloe Ryan

Sam Trick, from Morrisons-owned meat business Woodheads, shares her passion about the industry and her role on the Meat Business Women committee.

Gangmasters offences led to the closure of a chicken-catching business

GLAA action results in poultry firm closure

By Aidan Fortune

A Northern Ireland chicken-catching business will have to cease trading after having its Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) licence revoked.

Imported meet and dairy set to meet EU standards on antibiotic use after Brexit

news in brief

Warning over antibiotic use standards

By Noli Dinkovski

Any post-Brexit trade deals involving meat and dairy imported into the UK should meet the same standards on antibiotic use as those produced in the EU, a House of Commons committee report has argued.

The sale of meat classification body MLCSL to Hallmark Veterinary Compliance Services is reportedly on track

MLCSL sale on track

By Aidan Fortune

The sale of the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board’s (AHDB's) meat and livestock subsidiary is expected to be completed in the next few months.

Food businesses are expecting to be hit with increased costs due to stockpiling ahead of Brexit

Stockpiling costs mounting ahead of Brexit

By Aidan Fortune

British food and drink manufacturers considering stockpiling ahead of Brexit are being faced with increased costs while business confidence dips further.

MuscleFood has launched its festive range including a giant pig in blanket

MuscleFood launches festive range

By Aidan Fortune

Online food retailer MuscleFood has launched a new Christmas range, featuring the biggest pig in blanket available in the UK.

Swiss firm Micarana has benefited from a new cutting module from Marel

Marel helps Swiss firm to debone thighs

By James Ridler

An anatomic leg cutting module from Marel has been taken up by Swiss meat producer Micarna as an extension to its Stork ACM cutting line.

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