Plant-based product round-up

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We round-up some of the latest plant-based launches
We round-up some of the latest plant-based launches

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Wheat-based mince, vegan jelly beans and the world’s ‘healthiest’ burger all feature in this round-up of plant-based new product development.
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Wheat-based meat alternative concept debuted

A concept for a wheat-based alternative for beef mince that mimics the taste and texture of the real thing has been debuted by ingredients firm Loryma.

According to Loryma, its wheat ingredients – the textured wheat proteins Lory Tex, and the functional wheat-based binding system Lory Bind – have a comparable protein content, less fat, fewer saturated fatty acids and additional dietary fibre.

It combines textured wheat proteins with starch-based binding components to provide the necessary binding properties, and ensure that the cooked product has a realistic meat-like texture. Based on odourless and tasteless raw materials, the final off-note-free flavour can be customised


Plant-based jelly beans hits store shelves


Jealous Sweets has launched a new range of plant-based jelly beans to join its catalogue of confectionery made without animal-derived gelatine.

The beans are available in two flavours – Berry Sours (cherry, blackcurrant and raspberry) and Zingy Sours (orange, apple and lemon) – and are sold in 125g sharing bags. Sour Beans are gluten-free and have been approved by the vegetarian society as vegan.

Co-founder Imran Merza said: “With sour beans we want to shake up people’s expectations about what sweets can deliver in terms of flavour. Our sours give the traditional mouth-watering acidity, but we have upped flavour concentration to really enhance the eating experience.

“We find that people have an intense taste sensation when eating our sour beans that develops as you chew through the sweet.”



World’s ‘healthiest burger’ is plant-based

Spanish plant-based emit alternatives brand Heura has launched a new burger, which it claimed was the healthiest in the world.

The patty contains 85% less saturated fat than a traditional beef burger and has 11.3% more protein per calorie, according to Heura. The burger is made with a bespoke fat analogue using extra virgin olive oil to give it the same texture and juciness as its traditional counterpart.

The manufacture also boasted of the burgers sustainability credentials. It claimed the production of the burger used 93% less cropland, produced 96.5% fewer greenhouse gas emissions and used 99.5% less water.

Marc Coloma, co-founder and chief executive of Heura said: “Accelerating the protein transition is my passion and it is in technology where I find solutions. Pioneers in the plant-based industry have always been our inspiration and we hope that this innovation boosts the plant-based meat category worldwide and leaves livestock obsolete.”


Snacking peas to hit Sainsbury’s stores


Dutch snack brand BitesWeLove is making its debut in Sainsbury’s stores this month with the launch of its range of dried pea snacks.

The core range features three flavours – Sea Salt & Black Pepper, Smoked Paprika and Sour Cream & Jalapeño – which will be available in 70 Sainsbury’s stores as part of the Taste of the Future trial bay.

The supermarket marks BitesWeLove's first selling point in the UK and the products are also available through online retailer Amazon.  

BitesWeLove has joined a number of food and drink firms to have their products featured in Sainsbury’s stores through its trial bay. York-based confectionery brand The Wizards Magic recent signed a deal with the retailer to feature is CBD infused chocolate in its stores.


Dr. Oetker Vegan pizza

Vegan first from Dr. Oetker

Pizza brand Dr. Oetker Ristorante has launched its first vegan pizza into supermarket chiller cabinets, Pizza Margherita Pomodori.

The pizza features a thin, crispy crust and tomato sauce, topped with a melted, grated pizza topping, sun-dried and cherry tomatoes, along with a basil ‘pesto style’ garnish.

Josephine Skinner, senior brand manager at Dr. Oetker, commented: “While we are seeing more and more pizza options for vegans and flexitarians, there are few inspiring Italian style options, particularly in the freezer aisles of the nation’s supermarkets. 

“We worked hard perfecting this recipe as we really wanted to offer the best tasting, Italian inspired vegan pizza possible, to give those opting for a plant-based diet the real taste experience of a brand they know and love.”

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