No-deal Brexit to ‘decimate’ UK food and agriculture

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Aldiss: ‘It is time for MPs to rise to the challenge and place themselves on the right side of history.’
Aldiss: ‘It is time for MPs to rise to the challenge and place themselves on the right side of history.’
A poorly-managed Brexit threatens to “decimate the United Kingdom’s veterinary, food and agricultural sectors”, warned the boss of a leading veterinary services provider.

Jason Aldiss, managing director of Leeds-based veterinary services company Eville & Jones, urged MPs to back Theresa May’s Brexit deal to avoid a chaotic future for the country.

“I have believed from the outset that Brexit is an act of folly that is bad for the UK and bad for the EU,”​ said Aldiss.

“But we have reached the moment of truth and it has become clear that Theresa May’s Brexit deal – despite its many imperfections, is the best and only option available to avoid plunging the country into a state of chaos.”

Uncertainty for the veterinary profession

In particular, Brexit holds uncertainty for the veterinary profession, together with the food and agricultural sectors it serves, claimed Aldiss.

“Eville & Jones needs guarantees of post-Brexit access to highly-trained foreign vets to work in abattoirs and on farms, as well as lower skilled workers to fill other essential roles.       

“I had hoped that the Immigration White Paper would have provided some assurances on these matters but its publication has been delayed yet again.”

In September, the Government warned that a no-deal Brexit scenario could result in food being delayed at borders due to a shortage of vets.

Particularly damaged

In a report from the National Audit Office, which outlined the progress being made on the UK’s exit from the EU, it warned that the food industry could be particularly damaged if no deal was agreed.

It said that without a significant increase in the UK’s veterinary capacity, ​the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs would be unable to process the increased volume of export health certificates it was expecting if there was no deal.

Aldiss concluded: “The wheels of Government have stopped turning and, without a Brexit deal in place, the situation will only get worse. We need a sense of momentum to return and that can only happen by the House of Commons supporting the Prime Minister’s proposals.

“It is time for MPs to rise to the challenge and place themselves on the right side of history.” 

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No such thing as a no deal.

Posted by Marcus Rose,

We trade on WTO terms with all the nations outside the EU and export almost a third more to them than we do to the EU over tariffs and borders. We only export 12% of our TOTAL OUTPUT to the EU and pay a massive fee to do so while also having to be subservient to this wretched communist block. We were warned by world banks including the Bank of England. Tory and devolved Assemblies. Osbourne. Obama EU leaders of financial consequences yet voted to LEAVE. WE DO NOT WANT TO BE SUBSERVIENT to the EU. WTO will be brilliant for us and the bonus is that we will be FREE. We import 50% of our food. that needs to change. With our own agriculture and fishery policies The UK will be much better off. Its what we used to do successfully.

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Posted by Sanity Prevails,

The European Union is comprised of a Parliament, a Council composed of elected ministers from each nation, and a civil service confirmed by the Council which is called the Commission. Each nation in the EU has to be democratic to some extent and most have elected Heads of State though it isn't a requirement.

The "Up Yours Delors" mentality is a lie perpetuated by the British Media, and right wingers who want to bring back serfdom and hangings.

No deal is a bad deal.

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Longer term view

Posted by Bob Salmon,

This man may be right in the short term. Think 10-15 years ahead. Many people wanted Europe in 1939. Europe is not a democracy now. In the future it could be worse.

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