Novel process for craft breweries

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Novel process for craft breweries

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A novel process for craft breweries has been developed to "revolutionise" conventional lautering – where mash is separated into the clear liquid wort and residual grain – through a new method of continuous separation and extraction of the mash.

With Omnium from German company Ziemann Holvrieka, the brewhouse tasks are divided into sub-processes, which are treated individually. By subsequently combining partial flows, these are optimised, claims the firm.

As a result, significantly shorter process times and higher raw material yields can be achieved. The process improves the quality of the wort. In addition, fermentation can be accelerated, increasing brewhouse and cellar capacities.

The core component of Omnium is Nessie, in which the mash is separated into wort and spent grains in a continuous process. The spent grains are sparged, or moistened by sprinkling with water, in order to obtain the extract.

With this procedure, the 'lauter wort' is obtained dynamically, with the mash transfer time corresponding to the lautering time. The separation of the mash is carried out via four filter units in cascade arrangement, in which the rotary disk filters perform the separation of wort and spent grains.

Sparging of the extract is carried out in parallel using a turbulent counterflow extraction. The flow of water is in the opposite direction to that of the solids.

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