Food Manufacture’s 90th Birthday

Nutrition ‘more important’ than latest food fashion

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Providing healthy, nutritious food is more important than trying to identify the latest food craze, urged the British Nutrition Foundation’s director general Professor Judy Buttriss.

In this exclusive video interview, filmed as part of the Food Manufacture Group’s 90th​ birthday celebrations, Buttriss said that chasing trendy foods from tropical countries wouldn’t necessarily improve health and nutrition.

“There seems to be a big desire to identify the next magic bullet – the fads and fancies, and fashions – which don’t necessarily get people in the right place nutritionally,”​ said Buttriss. “Some of it is certainly well-meaning, but it’s not always right or evidence-based, and it’s confusing for people.

‘New and sexy message’

“So, I think whatever we do going forward, we’re going to have to find ways to counteract that, because often the healthy-eating message is one we’ve known for a long time. It’s not necessarily an exciting, new and sexy message, but it’s the message we need to try and apply.”

Also in this video interview, Buttriss said she expected scientists in the future to examine whether nutrition could help delay, or even prevent, diseases including dementia. Understanding epigenetics – the study of biological mechanisms in people that will switch genes on and off – could also help people live longer, she added.

 “In many cases like dementia, for example, it’s a case of doing something before there’s a real problem,”​ said Buttriss. “So, I think as well as understanding the science, we need to develop ways to help persuade people that they can actually do something for themselves to keep healthier longer.”

‘Understanding the science’

The British Nutrition Foundation celebrated its 50th​ birthday this year. Click here​ to find out more about its celebrations.

Earlier this month, Buttriss told that the science of food nutrition had evolved more over the past 50 years​ than ever before.

Meanwhile, watch out for Buttriss’s feature in the September issue of Food Manufacture​, as part of the Food Manufacture Group’s 90th​ birthday supplement.

Happy 90th birthday to Food Manufacture

Happy birthday to our sister title, Food Manufacture.

The magazine was first published in 1927, with the aim of providing a forum for discussion for professionals working in food and drink processing.

Don’t miss our 90th​ birthday celebration supplement in the September issue of Food Manufacture​.

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