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Troubleshooting with a high-speed camera

By Rick Pendrous

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Troubleshooting with a high-speed camera
A high-speed camera is available from US company Fastec Imaging, which allows remote monitoring and troubleshooting of food manufacturing operations.

The company’s IL5 5MP camera allows users to record production lines moving at high-speed for performance or quality analysis, troubleshooting, or machinery diagnostics.

Using its slow motion replay, it is possible to see what might have been missed at normal speed.

With four models to choose from, boasting crisp, clean video from 2,560 x 2,080 pixels @ 230 frames per second (fps) to 800 x 600 pixels @ 1,650fps, there are cameras available to meet most needs, claims Fastec.

All models record over 3,200fps at video graphics array resolution and more than 29,000fps at lower resolutions.

Images can also be saved to a solid-state drive or standard definition card while recording high-speed bursts of hundreds or thousands of images at a time.

The device’s ‘long-record’ option can record at high speed for many minutes at high resolutions or many hours at lower resolution.

Contact Fastec Imaging​ for more information. 

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