Meat traceability application delivers consumer confidence

By Aaron McDonald

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Goldhill is to use Followthisfood traceability application
Goldhill is to use Followthisfood traceability application
Goldhill Organics has become the first meat box supplier to utilise the Followthisfood traceability application.

The piece of software is designed to provide consumers with detailed information about the provenance and sustainability of their purchased meat.

Goldhill and its supplier, Blackmore Vale Butchery, are the first meat retailer and independent butcher to use the Followthisfood traceability software in the UK. By scanning the Followthisfood label on the individual packs of meat on their smartphone or entering a code into a computer, consumers can trace their products from farm to fork. The application tells consumers where the meat comes from, when it was produced, who produced it and how it was processed.

Goldhill has introduced the meat traceability software across its whole grass-fed meat and meat box range as part of its commitment to providing high-quality local produce in a transparent way. The software allows customers to broaden their understanding of the small farms and independent butchers that work in close conjunction to provide top-quality grass-fed meat.

"Providing high-quality, local produce from small producers in a highly transparent way is the very essence of what Goldhill does and Followthisfood really reinforces that very strong commitment,"​ said Nick Somper, co-founder of Goldhill Organics.

"Buying locally sourced, quality meat from small, local farms that use traditional animal husbandry and welfare methods is hugely important to our customers and Followthisfood gives them fantastic engagement with our producer farms. We have all read about misleading labelling and the use of fictional farm brands, so Followthisfood provides our customers with the trust and confidence that the food they are buying is exactly what it claims to be."

The piece of technology also gives consumers information about individual breeds of animals and their characteristics, while offering relevant and topical articles about animal husbandry, food production and farming.

Followthisfood was developed by Bristol-based Agrantec in association with Blackmore Vale Butchery.

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