Maggot found ‘alive’ inside wrapping of Cadbury biscuit

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An investigation was launched after a maggot was found in a biscuit wrapper
An investigation was launched after a maggot was found in a biscuit wrapper

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Mondelēz International has launched an investigation, after a live maggot was found in one of its Christmas biscuit selection boxes.

The maggot was found “moving”​ inside the foil wrapping of a Ginger Crunch biscuit, along with “some sort of mucus”​. Jake Robinson said he and his girlfriend were “shaken”​ after finding the wriggling maggot.

“I went to eat the Ginger Crunch biscuit until my girlfriend questioned me about what she saw, so I took it off her and had a look,”​ Robinson told The Sun​. “At first she thought it was some sort of cream-looking cobwebs, and when I took it off her I was horrified at what I saw. Under the foil, something was moving.

‘Some sort of mucus’

“I unwrapped it more to see a live maggot and some sort of mucus or produce, and what looked like cobwebs. I was even more horrified when I looked at the date to find out they were still in date until April 2017.”

The biscuit must have been made alongside the maggot as it was inside the foil wrapping, Robinson said.

Mondelēz International said it was working with Burton’s Biscuit Company – which manufactured the product – to investigate the claims.

“We are sorry to hear about this unusual experience,”​ a Mondelēz International spokeswoman told “The quality of our products is of paramount importance to us and we have launched a full and thorough investigation.”

‘A full and thorough investigation’

“We ask that the consumer returns the product to us, so we can complete our investigation in partnership with Burton’s Biscuit Company, who manufactures Cadbury biscuits.”

A Burton’s Biscuit Company spokesman told “We take the quality and safety of our products extremely seriously and are currently working closely with our supply chain to investigate this matter as a priority.”

Meanwhile, a Morrisons customer found six maggots in his broccoli​ last year. The customer posted a video onto the Morrisons Facebook page, showing the maggots crawling on the broccoli. While he would continue to shop at Morrisons, he said he wouldn’t buy its fruit or vegetables again.

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Posted by FI-PG,

I agree, the description which includes 'cream-looking cobwebs' aka webbing would suggest moth larvae and not 'maggot' and someone correct me if I am wrong but larvae can 'chew' through packaging so whilst likely it originated with the manufacturer it may not have done!

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Posted by Food Industry TM,

I am disappointed at the quality of this article. You are an industry publication and I would expect better. This is a sensationalized article, especially with the dramatic description of 'maggot' (to be clear, a maggot is found on decaying matter.) 'A larva' would be more appropriate, biscuits are not decaying matter. Although wrong to assume, I'd say it was a fair guess that it was an Indian Meal Moth larva, or some other similar SPI. Do some research and give a balanced report, please don't bring yourself down to tabloid level.

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