Survey reveals nation of ‘unbalanced’ dieters

By Noli Dinkovski

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Survey: the most commonly under-eaten groups were dairy, protein and fibre
Survey: the most commonly under-eaten groups were dairy, protein and fibre

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Almost two-thirds (61%) of Britons admit their diet is not considered healthy or balanced, a new survey has found.

Of these, 63% said their diet contained too much fat, 52% claimed to be neglecting important food groups, while 41% conceded their diet contained too much sugar, according to the survey carried out by

Under-eaten groups

The most commonly under-eaten groups were dairy (37%), protein (21%) and fibre (17%).

Meanwhile, 24% revealed that they avoided a specific food group for dietary reasons, while 76% admitted that they struggled to afford or find items they enjoyed from a particular food group.

Entire food group

Furthermore, 74% of participants said they had cut out an entire food group from their diet for a specific reason. The majority of these (62%) were females aged 18–30.

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Manufactures of food

Posted by Ron Wootton,

Manufactures are more interested in their shareholders, and the cost and convenience of manufacture their product. Customer or should we say consumers of these products are not given as much thought as they should do. More of the product are like purchasing a chemistry set.
Ingredients like: Soy oil, Soy flour, Soy lecithin, Soy emulsifiers, Glucose, Dextrose, Fructose, Maltodextrin, Modified starch and thickeners etc, etc, etc.
More for ease of manufacture storage and cost, for more profit for the shareholders etc.
So what about the customer or consumer who is ingesting the chemistry set?

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