Eco-friendly dairy processing

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Eco-friendly dairy processing
DuPont says its enzyme FoodPro Cleanline enables manufacturers of ultra-high temperature (UHT) milk products to increase their processing capacity, cut costs and benefit the environment.

The product solves the issue of fouling in UHT milk production.

Fouling occurs when milk proteins, sugars and minerals caramelise inside the UHT unit. The subsequent build-up of pressure in the system reduces heat transfer, necessitating frequent production shutdowns for cleaning.

DuPont says a small dose of FoodPro Cleanline modifies the phospholipids in milk prior to heat treatment, limiting the ability of milk components to settle on the heat exchanger.

"Trials have shown that a UHT processing unit can run for up to more than twice as long between cleaning cycles when using FoodPro Cleanline. That translates into a noticeable improvement in processing capacity,"​ states Aurélie Gammelin, DuPont global product manager for dairy enzymes.

"Manufacturers use fewer chemicals, and less water and energy for cleaning, which is positive for their environmental profile. The level of organic material in wastewater is similarly reduced."

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