Lighter olive jar can take the heat

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The largest size Thermic Ultra retortable barrier jar from RPC Containers Corby - the 3.8l American gallon - has proved the ideal packing solution for olive supplier Aceitunas del Guadalquivir, based in Seville, Spain.

Developed for the olive industry, the Thermic Ultra combines long shelf-life with the ability to withstand high-temperature filling, including hot fill, pasteurisation and sterilisation to 122°C.

The polypropylene jar weighs 160g compared with around 1.7kg for the more traditional glass format. As well as ease of handling and the elimination of breakages, the lightweight jar is cheaper, and hence greener, to transport.

The six-layer structure incorporates ethylene vinyl alcohol to create an effective barrier to oxygen ingress, which gives the olives a shelf-life in excess of 12 months. The contact clear material enhances the product's on-shelf appeal and jars can be labelled or sleeved to create brand identities.

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