Robotic technology slices costs and raises throughput

Robotic technology slices costs and raises throughput
Based in Trondheim, Grilstad has eight factories in Norway, which produce salami, burgers, fresh meat and air-dried ham.

The firm supplies around 50% of the salami consumed in Norway and operates six slicing lines that produce 65t every week.

To automate the slicing and packing operation, Grilstad’s head of technical development, Georg Mattingsdal ordered a PolyLine comprising PolySlicer 3000, G2300 checkweigher, VBS Vertical Buffer, Pack Desynchroniser and a triple head IPL robot.

The PolySlicer 3000 high-speed slicer automatically loads and slices up to four logs of high-quality salami at a time. The sliced groups are then dynamically weighed by the G2300 checkweigher, which is connected in closed loop feedback with the PolySlicer to maintain on-weights in excess of 98%. A vertical buffer system buffers a percentage of the sliced groups so they can be released into the product flow when the PolySlicer is being reloaded. This delivers a more consistent flow of product to the IPL Robot and thermoformer and achieves higher throughput.

The IPL robot has three heads, which share the loading of sliced groups into the thermoformer at, typically,180 picks a minute.
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