Gimmie five for menthol strength

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Through encapsulation technology, TasteTech claims to have developed a form of menthol powder that is up to five times stronger than spray-dried menthol but will not re-crystallise compared with stronger alternatives.

Developed for the chewing gum and confectionery markets, the ingredients and flavour company, says: "When melted, menthol crystals provide flavour and freshness, but involve the handling of a strong-smelling, volatile liquid that is also liable to recrystallise. The natural alternative has been spray-dried menthol but, while easier to handle, its concentration by volume at around 20% means it is unable to deliver the power or intensity of flavour."

TasteTech, however claims to have addressed this problem with its new stabilised menthol powder, which contains up to 95% pure menthol. It is a natural flavouring that benefits from the company's expertise in encapsulation technology.

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