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Alfa Laval's new Rotary Jet Mixer Iso-Mix (RJM) is designed for fast, efficient and economical mixing of powders and fluids within tanks and other storage vessels. It promises up to 30% faster mixing times compared with conventional technology.

According to Alfa Laval, the RJM is equally effective mixing liquids and powders and can be used for de-aeration and carbonation. Its technology has been adapted from efficient rotary jet tank cleaning machines and proven in hygienic installations. In use, it constantly re-circulates liquid from the bottom of the vessel to the jet mixer body, positioned beneath the surface of the liquid. As its four nozzles rotate about vertical and horizontal axes, they blend and mix the tank contents.

Its main advantage is that it reduces the number of vessels required in a typical beverage mixing operation.

Conventionally, separate tanks are required for de-aeration, syrup mixing and carbonation. With the RJM, only one vessel is required since the machine will perform all three duties in a single tank. It can also be used for standard tank cleaning duties.

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