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Encapsulated nutrients open up new applications

S Black has introduced a clutch of new healthy ingredients into the UK market, including a grape extract high in antioxidants and enzyme-modified dairy concentrates enabling manufacturers to significantly reduce the fat content of their products without compromising on taste.

The concentrates, made by US firm Butterbuds Food Ingredients, deliver the richness, flavour and mouthfeel of butter – without the fat, claims S Black’s marketing manager Gillian Berry. “We are seeing particular interest from UK ready meals manufacturers. It is also economical, as you don’t have to use much to get a result.”

There has also been a lot of interest in encapsulated phytosterols, iron and omega 3 from Lipofoods, for which S Black is also the UK distributor, she says.

“Iron deficiency is a growing problem, so this is a big opportunity for manufacturers to target at risk groups, notably women and children.” Lipofer [iron encapsulate], can be used in milk and juice-based beverages, bakery products, cereal bars and dairy products. Unlike soluble iron salts, it does not have a metallic taste, interact with other ingredients, or provoke oxidation of vitamins or unsaturated fats. It is also gentle on the stomach, as it remains intact until it reaches the small intestine.

Lipofoods’ Lipophytol range, which incorporates cholesterol-lowering phytosterols into starch microparticles, is

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