Parmesan roulade with blue cheese and sunblush toms

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Simon Rimmer describes one of his favourite vegetarian recipes, involving the finest ingredients and minimal cooking

This recipe for parmesan roulade with blue cheese and tomatoes looks both fantastic as well as difficult -- the first it is, the second it isn't. You make a sort of soufflé blanket, then top it with cheese and suchlike, roll it up like a swiss roll, carve and then reheat before you serve.

I love it because it tastes absolutely brilliant and looks a million dollars too. I make it with Butler's Blacksticks Blue cheese and sunblush tomatoes but add in the variations you want. Change the cheeses, fillings or accompaniments. In fact, you can keep changing it so much, that by this time next year you'll claim it as your very own.

For a dish that serves eight dinner guests you will need the following ingredients for the roulade: 14 eggs (whites and yolks separated), 125g butter, 180g flour, salt and pepper, a big handful of roughly chopped basil, 800ml of warmed milk and 100g grated parmesan.

For the filling you will need: 1kg tub ricotta, 225g crumbled blue cheese, a sprinkle of sunblush tomatoes, salt and pepper.

To prepare the roulade simply melt the butter, add the flour and then cook for three minutes. Then add the milk a little at a time to make a roux, season it well and then mix in the egg yolks and let the mixture cool. Next beat the egg whites separately until they're stiff and then fold in gently and carefully to the main mixture, so that you keep as much air as possible. Then mix in the basil.

Next spread the mixture onto two greased lined trays (450mm x 300mm), top with grated parmesan and cook for 15 minutes at 200c/400f/gas mark 6 until springy and risen. Then turn out and cool.

For the filling simply spread the seasoned ricotta on each base and add the blue cheese and tomatoes. (leave a gap at both ends) and then roll up and wrap in greaseproof and foil and chill.

When you are ready to serve this dish, cut a good couple of wedges of roulade, heat and finish under the grill to crisp slightly and serve with onion jam.

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