Infusion system kills more bacteria

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The reduction of bacterial spores is crucial in the production of baby formula

The presence of bacteria can be particularly problematic for manufacturers of baby formula and milk concentrates. But in using a new Instant Infusion System from Invensys APV a greater number of bacteria spores will be killed than with other processes.

The system holds the sensitive products at a high temperature for a fraction of a second before flash- cooling to provide effective sterilisation while preserving the nutritional content and quality of the product, says Invensys APV.

It uses heat exchangers to heat the product to between 55°C and 75°C before entering the top of the infusion chamber where, in less than 0.2 seconds, the product reaches the required sterilisation temperature of 140°C. It is then rapidly cooled.

The equipment employs several new techniques to ensure products do not suffer any chemical change during the process, including the use of gold in the pump's temperature transmitter. Gold is a better heat conductor than steel so the necessary temperature can be achieved more quickly and accurately.

The system has been developed for manufacturers of infant products but can also be used with other high or low viscosity products. It can handle capacities from 500-8,000l/h and products with a maximum viscosity of 500cp at the sterilisation temperature, and a maximum total solids content of 60%.

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