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Food firms need to show honesty: research boss

Food firms need to show honesty: research boss

Professor Steven Walker

Director general - Campden BRI

Food manufacturers need to show “transparency, honesty and clarity” if they are to overcome public misconceptions about the food industry, the boss of a leading research organisation has claimed.

Published: 03-Aug-2017

Big cost savings from small supply chain changes

Businesses can save money by making changes along the supply chain

Helen Munday

Chief Scientific Officer - Food and Drink Federation

Food and drink manufacturer’s costs could be reduced by making small changes to be more sustainable throughout the supply chain, said the Food and Drink Federation’s (FDF’s) chief scientific officer Helen Munday.

Published: 25-Nov-2016

How to save money? Go environmentally-friendly

Food manufacturers can save money by being environmental

Richard Clothier

Managing Director - Wyke Farms

Food and drink manufacturers could cut costs by operating more sustainably, dairy firm Wyke Farms md Richard Clothier has claimed.

Published: 25-Nov-2016

Retailing competition could reduce Brexit cost impacts

Brexit price rises could be stopped by retailing competition

Joanne Denney-Finch

Chief Executive - IGD

The food sector is so competitive that price wars between retailers may reduce the financial impact of Brexit on shoppers, said grocery think-tank IGD chief executive Joanne Denney-Finch.

Published: 28-Oct-2016

Manufacturers and retailers must work together

Food manufacturers must improve shopper experiences

Food and drink manufacturers need to work with retailers to help customers have “an experience” when shopping, said grocery think-tank IGD chief executive Joanne Denney-Finch.

Published: 26-Oct-2016

Good news on the way for Morrisons: Shore Capital

Morrisons, Dairy Crest and ABF expected to report trading updates

Morrisons, Dairy Crest and Associated British Foods (ABF) are just three companies expected to report trading updates this month, but what can we expect to hear from them?

Published: 08-Sep-2016

Next Month’s News: our podcast preview

Food and and drink manufacturing: Next Month’s News

Welcome to Next Month’s News, the latest edition in Food Manufacture Group’s new podcast series predicting what topics will dominate our headlines over the next four weeks.

Published: 31-Aug-2016

Next Month’s News: Food Manufacture’s new podcast

Food Manufacture’s new podcast: Next Month’s News

Welcome to Next Month’s News, the Food Manufacture Group’s new podcast that predicts what topics will dominate next month’s food and drink manufacturing headlines.

Published: 29-Jul-2016

Bernard Matthews boss offers advice to younger self

Turkey boss offers video advice to younger self

After more than 40 years of industry experience, Bernard Matthews group technical director Jeremy Hall knows a thing or two about poultry. In this exclusive video interview, he steps back in time to offer career advice to his younger self. 

Published: 03-Mar-2016

2016 trends: Sports nutrition goes mainstream

Top food and drink trends 2016

Sports nutrition moving ‘beyond the athlete’ was among the top 10 trends for 2016 outlined by Innova Market Insights at an exhibition this week.

Published: 03-Dec-2015

Food firms must produce own energy or become ‘uncompetitive’

Food firms must produce own energy

Food and drink manufacturers must develop their own ways of producing energy in order to remain competitive, according to Wyke Farms boss Rich Clothier.

Published: 20-Nov-2015

Food retail industry has ‘mother of all hangovers’

Food retail industry outlook gets better

The food retail industry is recovering from the “mother of all hangovers” after falling into a state of chaos during the recession, according a leading analyst.

Published: 23-Oct-2015

Biggest challenge for British-based Mexican food firm

British Mexican food firm’s biggest challenge

Keeping up with the demand for crops and forecasting to avoid price hikes are the biggest challenges for British-Mexican food firm Cool Chile Co.

Published: 11-Sep-2015

Taylors of Harrogate reduces maintenance downtime

Taylors of Harrogate reduces man hours

Taylors of Harrogate has significantly reduced the maintenance downtown on its packaging lines after making minor adjustments to operations at its Harrogate manufacturing facility, the company’s shift manager John Hennighan said.

Published: 12-Aug-2015

Graze ceo: ‘going from clicks to bricks isn’t easy’

Graze: getting into retailers is hard

Graze, the £68M turnover online snack manufacturer, had to make big changes to its manufacturing and operating systems after gaining listings with Sainsbury and Boots, its ceo Anthony Fletcher has said.

Published: 15-Jul-2015

Production continued at UB plant during £50M investment

Biscuit giant makes massive investment

United Biscuits’ £50M investment at its Harlesden facility didn’t stop production, despite major structural work being carried out, factory general manager Helen Day has said.

Published: 12-Jun-2015

Bread is ‘price war casualty’ – FoB director

Bread hit hard by price wars

Bread is one of the biggest casualties of the supermarket price war, as retailers keep dropping its price to rock bottom levels in a bid to entice shoppers, according to Gordon Polson, Federation of Bakers’ (FoB’s) director.

Published: 03-Jun-2015

Boost convenience products to grow, says cereal boss

More convenience products for cereal sector

Changing consumer needs and an increasingly challenging market will continue to push cereal manufacturers to develop convenience products, Bokomo Foods’s ceo John Hiles has said.

Published: 15-Apr-2015

What start-ups need from a new UK government

Food and drink start-ups need better government backing

More financial support must be given to food and drink start-ups by the next UK government if they are to survive their first year in business, Miso Tasty founder Bonnie Chung has urged.

Published: 13-Apr-2015

Bosch launches speedy carton machine

Bosch offers carton technology to make line changes simple

Breakfast cereal manufacturers and frozen pizza suppliers have access to cartoning technology that can slash changeover times and maintain consistently high yields, courtesy of Bosch Packaging Technology.

Published: 07-Apr-2015

Premium boom is a big opportunity for posh SMEs

Rise in premium sales an opportunity for food SMEs

More high-end food and drink start-ups are taking advantage of a boom in sales of premium products in supermarkets and rising sales in posh retailers such as Waitrose.

Published: 19-Mar-2015

Prepare for pre-recession spend – top economist

Food firms should prepare for pre-recession spending

Food manufacturers should prepare for a positive three years ahead, as the changing economy prompts consumers to spend at pre-recession levels, a leading economist has said. 

Published: 11-Mar-2015

Mondelēz boosts coffee site staff

 Mondelēz channels cash and 100 staff into Banbury

Mondelēz will take on an extra 100 staff at its Banbury, Oxfordshire, coffee facility, following a major investment to boost its production capabilities and a joint venture with Douwe Egberts.

Published: 09-Mar-2015

Frozen will dwarf other online categories – Birds Eye

Birds Eye boss stays ahead of online curve

Birds Eye has pumped thousands of pounds into its online grocery channel in a successful bid to boost sales and stay ahead of the curve, its UK and Ireland md Andy Weston-Webb has said.

Published: 04-Mar-2015

Less ‘silly legislation’ needed to beat food waste

Food waste reduction needs more leadership, less legislation

Food manufacturers and retailers need leadership from an EU level, less “silly legislation” and more data sharing in order to tackle food waste.

Published: 16-Feb-2015