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PM: empower groceries code adjudicator

Groceries code adjudicator (GCA) Christine Tacon should be able to enforce her decisions with fines and have her remit extended, according to Prime Minister David Cameron.

Scientists welcome EU country ruling on GM

The Institute of Food Science & Technology (IFST) has welcomed a new EU law enabling Member States to decide for themselves whether genetically modified organisms (GMOs) can be approved in their...

Oxford farming conference

Does Groceries Code Adjudicator need new teeth?

Tougher powers for the Groceries Code Adjudicator (GCA) were under discussion at last week’s Oxford Farming Conference.

Oxford farming conference

Trade bodies ‘should play bigger role’ on supplier abuses: DEFRA

Food industry trade associations should play a bigger role in helping to expose the abuses suffered by suppliers at the hands of supermarkets and other customers, said environment secretary Liz...

'Best-before' could be destined for waste bin

Costs are set to rise as a result of new EU legislation designed to simplify food date labelling and reduce food waste.

Labour backs 9pm ads watershed for junk food

Labour is planning to impose a 9pm watershed on the advertising of food and drink high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS)­ if it wins power in the May 7...

Promotions failure signals Responsibility Deal change

The food industry’s failure to make progress on curbing the promotion of foods high in fat, sugar and salt (HFSS), will set in train a major overhaul of the voluntary...

Tesco crushes Aldi ad wooing supermarket shoppers

Tesco has quashed an Aldi marketing campaign aimed at poaching supermarket shoppers after complaining about its ‘Swap and Save’ adverts to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).


Political posturing set to rise as fad diets fail

News that the voluntary Public Health Responsibility Deal (PHRD) had failed to reach agreement among brand owners on the promotion of foods high in fat, sugar and salt (HFSS), has...

Probiotic term could reappear on yogurt in UK

The term ‘probiotic’ could make a re-appearance on pots of yogurt on sale in UK supermarkets, if Italy is successful in getting approval for its use as a ‘generic descriptor’.

Sainsbury agrees gangmaster partnership with GLA

Sainsbury has joined forces with the Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA) in a bid to prevent labour exploitation, in the same week that two men were convicted of exploiting migrant food...

Sugary drinks tax slammed by nutritionist

Renewed calls to attack health problems by taxing sugary drinks have been slammed by a leading nutritionist, who claims cutting portion sizes and sugar content and tackling irresponsible retail promotions...

Government funding proposals for SMEs fall short

Government action to improve cash support for small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is only a small step in the right direction, according to the Federation of Small Businesses.

Food manufacturers could be ‘forced out’ of the obesity debate

Food and drink manufacturers must emphasise the role of exercise in reducing obesity or risk being sidelined in the debate and hit with stricter regulation, according to new research.

£100k an item for Food Information Regulation errors

Retailers face bills of up to £100k per product line if they stumble over labelling changes required by the EU Food Information Regulation (FIR), which takes effect from December 13.

Food firms get top five guide to EU label rules

Food manufacturers have been issued with a five-point check list guide to the EU’s new food labelling rules, due to be implemented tomorrow (December 13).

Audits not full defence versus food safety damages

Regular audits don’t protect food firms at the centre of food safety incidents from facing substantial damages, David Young, Eversheds partner and head of its health and safety team, has warned....

‘Join together’ to solve hunger, food firms told

Food Manufacturers have been urged to join retailers and others in a bid to cut food waste, as part of a plan to create a national network of food banks.

Holiday pay claims could scupper food firms

Food companies face going under after being hit with massive claims for backdated holiday pay, with some already handling millions of pounds worth of bills, according to law firm Eversheds.

MEPs block plans to ease nanotech approvals

A moratorium blocking a proposal to simplify the authorisation procedure for nanotechnology in foods has been slammed by industry experts as “ridiculous”.

Labour plans tougher food regulation

Labour is about to set out its plans for improving public health if elected next year and while tougher regulation can be expected, sugar and fat taxes will not be...

Morrisons wine offer scores own-goal

A Morrisons wine promotion provoked outrage from shoppers after it failed to meet the demand it had created, provoking a reprimand from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Nutritionist spurns ASA verdict on ad challenging white bread

A leading nutritionist has slammed the Advertising Standards Authority’s (ASA’s) decision not to ban a toothpaste ad for suggesting white bread contained sugar and could harm teeth.

Nutritional policies and guidance labels ‘failing’

Nutritional policies and front-of-pack guidance on food products are failing to improve public health and curb the UK’s obesity epidemic, according to a leading expert.

Bird flu breaks out on Yorkshire duck farm

Britain’s first case of bird flu for six years has been confirmed on a duck farm in Yorkshire, after a contagious strain of bird flu was detected on a poultry...

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