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Food leaders need to ‘up game’ over human rights supply chain

Leaders in the food manufacturing sector need to “up their game” over their commitment to human rights, a legal expert has claimed.

Pressure mounts for mandatory fat, salt and sugar targets

Government is coming under increasing pressure to set targets for the fat, salt and sugar content of food and drink in advance of the publication of its childhood obesity strategy,...

Advertising watchdog ruling ‘disappointing’: RBC

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has been accused of failing to protect the bakery industry from misleading information by the lobby group Real Bread Campaign (RBC).

Migrant exploitation gang jailed for 23 years

Four people have been jailed for a combined total of 23 years for offences relating to the exploitation of migrant workers ­– some employed in the vegetable sector – after...

Food industry trafficking: brothers jailed for six years

Two Slovakian brothers have been sentenced to six years each in prison, after being convicted of trafficking Slovak nationals, some of whom were working in the food industry.

Chicory root fibre wins second EU health claim

A health claim that inulin and oligofructose can help control blood glucose levels has been approved by the EU.

Salt campaign group calls for new nutrition agency

A leading campaign group has called on the government to set up an independent agency responsible for nutrition, after it emerged that previously published National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS)...

Brexit debate

Former Tory food ministers slug it out over Brexit

Britain’s ability to develop genetically modified (GM) foods was a central theme of a debate on next month’s EU referendum between two former Tory food ministers yesterday (May 12) in...

Food firms challenged by musculoskeletal disorders

Occupational health is becoming an increasing focus for the food and drink manufacturing sector with musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and respiratory and skin conditions of particular concern. Taking health and safety...

2 Sisters slams Living Wage strike action threat

2 Sisters has slammed suggestions it is facing strike action at two of its Yorkshire operations, after a union accused the food giant of trying to offset the extra cost...

Obesity crisis: legislation said to be ‘the only answer’

A leading healthy food campaigner has claimed to be “sympathetic” towards manufacturers of food and drink high in fat, salt or sugar, as they are not operating on a level...

Landmark fresh meat ruling for Newby Foods

A landmark judgement, handed down last month by the High Court in favour of meat processor Newby Foods, confirms that meat processed by the company’s novel methods can be classified...

EU biocide plans pose ‘food safety threat’

The UK food industry has launched a co-ordinated campaign to seek a change to the European Commission's (EC's) new Biocidal Products Regulation, which, as currently constituted, would limit the availability...

Online ads to kids set to fall under TV rules

The advertising of foods high in fat, salt or sugar (HFSS) to children online has moved a step nearer to falling under the same restrictions as TV advertising after it...


Sugar soft drinks tax: a ‘dead cat’ distraction

George Osborne’s announcement of a sugar tax on soft drinks in last month's budget took everyone by complete surprise. Cynics were quick to accuse him of blatantly trying to deflect...

‘Smelly’ criminal links cost gangmasters’ licence

A Lincolnshire couple have been stripped of their licence issued by the Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA) by an appeal judge, who ruled their financial dealings with a known criminal gangmaster were “smelly”....

Firms can now reclaim tax for alcohol in food

Food manufacturers are now able to claim back tax on alcohol after an amendment to the law came into force last month.

Morrisons faces legal action from 5k staff

Morrisons staff wishing to join more than 5,000 of their colleagues in a claim for damages against the company must act now a lawyer has warned.

Food Vision 2016

‘Misinformation minefield’ remains major challenge

The “misinformation minefield” surrounding the health benefits of food remains one of the biggest challenges faced by manufacturers, according to an expert on consumer insights.

Insurance Act imposes extra duties on firms

Senior management accountability and the avoidance of ‘data dumping’ are just two of a range of new duties faced by food manufacturers when a new Insurance Act comes into force...

New data protection rules set to have big impact

Newly-agreed EU data protection laws will significantly increase the regulatory burden on food and drink businesses, a legal specialist has warned.

Kit Kat claim woman ‘won’t get lifetime supply’

A woman who has demanded a lifetime supply of Kit Kats after purchasing a defective multipack of the biscuits was unlikely to succeed despite claiming monetary and emotional distress, according...

NHS sugar tax proposals are panned

Plans by the National Health Service (NHS) to introduce a sugar tax on food and drink sold in its hospitals has been heavily criticised by industry trade bodies.

Confusion about origin and added water labelling

EU legislation designed to avoid consumers being mislead about the country of origin of ingredients contained in compound foods they purchase is likely to cause headaches for food manufacturers, according...

Beer sector urges chancellor to cut duty in Budget

Drinks industry trade bodies have called on chancellor George Osborne to cut beer duty for a fourth consecutive year in next month’s Budget.

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