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Uplifting ice cream created for secret celeb

14-Apr-2014 - British ice cream firm Lick Me I’m Delicious has created a bubbly champagne flavoured ice cream dosed with 25mg of Viagra for an unnamed A-list celebrity’s party.

Manufacturers miss big breaks with small innovations

14-Apr-2014 - Food and drinks manufacturers could be missing out on ground-breaking new product development opportunities by making too many small adaptations to existing products, a leading consultant has warned.

Food Vision

Foods to unlock multi-sensory experiences coming soon

07-Apr-2014 - Global food and drink firms will launch new products designed to release the untapped potential of multi-sensory experiences based on sound and vision, a leading cognitive neuroscientist has revealed.

Expert calls for foodservice firms to refocus on quality

04-Apr-2014 - Foodservice firms and street food vendors must focus on quality if they are to compete with the major supermarkets, according to product development guru Celia Holt.

Food Vision 2014

Final preparations underway for Food Vision 2014

28-Mar-2014 - Final preparations are underway for Food Vision 2014, the event that brings together global food and drink industry leaders at Cannes in the south of France to discuss key topics directly affecting the profitability of their businesses.

Brand owners seek innovation via the internet

24-Mar-2014 - Big food and drink brand owners are now tapping into the global intelligence derived by ‘crowd sourcing’ via the internet, thus extending the reach of ‘open innovation’ to develop the next generation of products targeted at different markets.

Cut the chemicals in starch breakdown

21-Mar-2014 - A new alpha-amylase enzyme solution has been designed to lower pH during liquefaction and break down starch to create more dextrose. The result is claimed to be higher yields, plus chemical, water and energy savings that enable a starch processor to cut costs when processing large volumes.

Granulate gives seeds sticking power to cut ingredient loss

21-Mar-2014 - Kampffmeyer Food Innovation's new clean-label granulate is said to keep seeds, kernels and decorative toppings safely attached to dough pieces, minimising ingredient loss and improving plant hygiene.

New extracts aim to bear healthy fruit

21-Mar-2014 - NP Nutra launched two new fruit extracts last month.

Ripen faster to boost profit

21-Mar-2014 - Cheesemakers can reduce ripening times on continental and Cheddar-type cheeses without negatively impacting shelf-life or quality by using Arla Foods Ingredients’ new natural milk protein.

Bread mix is bang on low carb trend

21-Mar-2014 - Bakery Ingredients manufacturer Zeelandia has launched a new reduced carbohydrate bread mix.

New cake coatings fly the colours of the US

21-Mar-2014 - Bakery ingredients company Renshaw has developed a new range of coloured compound coating products for cakes that are inspired by US trends.

Sweet gluten-free treats

21-Mar-2014 - Global confectionery launches with a ‘gluten-free’ positioning increased by 46% in 2013 from 2012, according to the Innova Database. While this indicates growth in gluten-free claims, gluten-free product launch activity is still relatively niche for confectionery, with only 7% of confectionery product launches tracked in 2013 taking this positioning, according to Carmit Candy.

New innovation plan launched by food and drink industry

20-Mar-2014 - Unlocking innovation in the food and drink industry is the aim of a new project launched by the Food and Drink Federation (FDF).

Top healthy food trends: low sodium at forefront

14-Mar-2014 - Demand for healthy food and drink will increase, with low sodium options helping to drive new product development (NPD), according to Carlos Diaz, food director at Food Innovation Solutions (FIS).

Allied Bakeries launches white bread ‘saviour’

10-Mar-2014 - Allied Bakeries (AB) will use consumer diet and health concerns in a bid to reverse a predicted 8% sales decline in white plant bread products in the next few years.

Sugar-beet carb used for tooth-friendly gum

03-Mar-2014 - Functional ingredients maker Beneo has used its sugar-beet derived carbohydrate Palatinose to develop 'the first' polyol-free, tooth-friendly bubble gum children's confectionery.

Swedish research stevia fibre to replace chemical sweetener

03-Mar-2014 - Sweetener specialist Bayn Europe and ingredients firm Barentz are researching the use of stevia dietary fibre blends to replace chemical sweeteners in the Baltic region. The project is supported by the Swedish government for its effects on the environment and public health in a prioritised region.

Biocatalysts achieves kosher certification

03-Mar-2014 - Biocatalysts can now produce kosher enzymes without having to have a rabbi present, thanks to new certification for its manufacturing facility.

Fibre’s free-from promise

03-Mar-2014 - Clean-label specialist Ulrick & Short is developing a versatile fibre extracted from bamboo shoots that has potential for the gluten-free market.

Asafetida and fenugreek on top in 2014

03-Mar-2014 - An ingredients firm has predicted increasing demand for asafetida and fenugreek throughout 2014.

Three ways to create Indian mango flavour

03-Mar-2014 - Sensient Flavors has analysed the sensory attributes of three varieties of Indian mango – alphonso, kesar and badami – to produce a range of natural mango flavourings for drinks. The base for these flavours is Sensient’s natural extracts, which are derived using proprietary technology.

The quest for breast milk

03-Mar-2014 - Feeding babies with infant formula enriched with Arla Foods Ingredients’ Lacprodan OPN-10 supports their immune development, according to the results of a new trial.

Exclusive interview

Dairy giant Arla eyes cheese and on-the-go milk NPD

26-Feb-2014 - Arla Foods is investigating the potential for smaller on-the-go formats for milk and milk drinks this year, and new product development in cheese.

Processors can grab ideas from molecular gastronomy

14-Feb-2014 - Restaurant-inspired molecular gastronomy offers considerable potential for food manufacturers’ new product development (NPD), according to Stefan Cosser, head of innovation at consultancy Food Innovation Solutions (FIS).

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