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Food Safety Conference

Concern over LA budget cuts raised

Doubt about the ability of local authorities (LA) to maintain food safety during a time of increased government budget cuts has been raised.

Venomous spider strikes again, in Waitrose bananas

A Waitrose shopper got the shock of his life when he uncovered the world’s deadliest spider in a bunch of bananas just delivered by the upmarket supermarket chain.

Food safety conference

Beware food safety impact of reformulation

Small-scale food manufacturers have been warned to beware the food safety consequences of reformulating their products to remove salt, sugar and fat.

Food Safety Conference

Emerging zoonosis ups pressure on food industry

Another major microbial threat is set to put food businesses under more pressure, as scientists only just begin to ask questions about it, an expert has warned.

Food safety conference

Antimicrobial resistance: stop arguing and start working together

Doctors, vets and farmers should stop rowing about who is responsible for the spread of antimicrobial resistance and work together to beat the “apocalyptic threat” it poses.

Food safety conference

Retailers deny blocking new campylobacter control

Retailers have denied failing to support a new treatment that could slash the incidence of campylobacter food poisoning because it could add to cost of poultry.

Food Safety conference

New campylobacter control costs only 4–5p a bird

A new technique to control campylobacter infections in poultry – which killed 110 Britons last year – is being developed at the modest cost of only 4–5p a bird.

Food safety conference

Food industry must quell Ebola fears

The UK food and drink industry must communicate to the public that the risk of people contracting the deadly Ebola virus from food is unlikely.

Food safety conference

Top food safety threat is antimicrobial resistance

Four threats, including antimicrobial resistance, and two opportunities will be some of the biggest influences on UK food safety in the years ahead, delegates heard at the Food Manufacture Group’s...

Food safety conference takes place tomorrow

Final preparations are underway for the food safety conference – ‘Safe and legal food in a changing world’ – which takes place at The Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon, Warwickshire, tomorrow (Wednesday October 15).

Don’t miss Food safety conference this Wednesday

Don’t miss your place at this week’s Food safety conference – ‘Safe and legal food in a changing world’ – which takes place at The Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon, Warwickshire,...

Dangers posed by using the wrong food contact materials

Dangers lurk for companies that fail to understand their duty to provide safe products under the latest regulations covering materials, such as packaging, that are in contact with food and...

Top advisor slams scientific shortfall at FSA

A row has erupted about the threat to scientific expertise available within the Food Standards Agency (FSA) caused by government budget cuts, which critics argue have left the agency seriously...

Scientific breakthrough in control of deadly pathogen

Scientists believe they may have found a new weapon in the fight to control the deadly foodborne pathogen Clostridium botulinum, as they have discovered genes that are crucial for its...

Low food risk from Cook’s high-labour model

Handmade ready meal firm Cook claims more human hands in the manufacturing process does not increase the risk to food hygiene standards or decrease overall operational efficiency.

Elliott Review: Food Crime Unit underway

Food Standards Agency budget slashed by £22M

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) will have seen £22M cut from its budget from the beginning of the horsemeat scandal to the end of the 2015/16 financial year.


How to keep your food site safe

With reputations at stake, food safety has become more important than ever before, reports Alyson Magee

FSA to name and shame campylobacter stores

Plans to name and shame retailers that sell chicken contaminated with high levels campylobacter have been confirmed by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), nearly a year after they were first...

Elliott Review

MPs press for food fraud prosecutions

Authorities must be able to trace food fraud cases back to source and prosecute offenders properly, according to MPs commenting on Professor Chris Elliott’s Review into the horsemeat scandal.


SOFHT chairman plans to raise profile

Alan Lacey tells Nicholas Robinson how he hopes to raise SOFHT’s profile

News in brief

Seafood traceability concern prompts free global resource

Seafood industry bosses have developed a seafood traceability and financial tool in response to industry concerns about food fraud.

Elliott Review

Speed and cash crucial to food fraud strategy

The Elliott Review may count for little in preventing a similar scandal to ‘horsegate’ unless its proposals are implemented swiftly and funded properly, according to experts.

FSA restructures to ensure food crime unit capability

The Food Standards Agency is undergoing “major restructuring” creating an estimated 50 new jobs as it sets up the food crime unit (FCU) following the publication of Professor Chris Elliott’s report...

Acrylamide cancer risk highlighted by EFSA infographic

Worries about acrylamide posing a bigger cancer risk than previously thought have led the food watchdog the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to issue cooking advice to consumers.

Breaking news

Food Crime Unit still key to Prof Elliott’s horsemeat report

A new Food Crime Unit remains at the heart of Professor Chris Elliott’s eight-point plan to combat fraud set out in his final report into the integrity of food supply...