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‘Filthy’ bakery ordered shut found open a day later

A bakery, which was ordered to close on Tuesday (March 21) over food hygiene concerns – including “filthy” work surfaces and a “mouldy growth” – was found open for business the following day....

Brazil’s rotten meat claims ‘highlight Brexit trade deal’

Claims that Brazil’s biggest meat processors have sold rotten beef and poultry highlight the importance of securing an EU trade deal that maintains Britain’s safety standards, says the National Farmers...

Maggoty meat butcher to pay £54,000

A meat firm has been ordered to pay £54,000 in fines and costs for seven food hygiene offences, after a bag of putrefying meat filled with maggots was found behind...

Campylobacter results welcomed by consumer group

The results of the latest campylobacter survey, revealing a drop of more than 100,000 human cases of the food poisoning infection, have been welcomed by consumer group Which?

Duo guilty of selling 116t of turkey as halal lamb

Two men have been found guilty of conspiracy to commit fraud, after supplying 116t of turkey to butchers and restaurants, claiming it was halal lamb.

Permits to trade needed under new hygiene regime

Food businesses would need a ‘permit to trade’ before being allowed to start up, under new proposals from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) being considered as part of its Regulating...

Warburtons’ £2M fine shows the ‘new norm’

A £2M fine imposed on Warburtons after one of its workers sustained life-changing injuries is the “new normal” for cases of this kind, following the imposition of tougher sentencing guidelines,...

News in brief

IFR becomes Quadram Institute in search for healthier food

The Norwich-based Institute of Food Research (IFR) will transform into the Quadram Institute (QI), a pioneering new facility for food and health research, with effect from April 28 2017.

Penarth Bakery fined £10k for hygiene breaches

A Glamorgan bakery was fined more than £10,000 for 36 food hygiene offences, including placing unfit food on the market, failure to protect food from contamination and failing to control rodents.

Quorn’s metal fears leads latest food recalls

Quorn Foods and Tesco were among the food businesses that recalled products over the past month.

Sayers’ bakery fined more than £160k for infestations

Bakery retailer Sayers was fined more than £160,000 last week for 13 food safety breaches, after cockroach and mice infestations were identified at its Poundcafe in Liverpool.

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Taking part in the Food Manufacture Group’s short food safety survey will help to raise industry standards and offers the chance of winning an iPad.

FSA denies food hygiene failings in abattoirs

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has denied claims that more than a quarter of abattoirs fail to take basic food hygiene precautions in preventing contaminated meat entering the supply chain.

Avian flu outbreak farm to cull thousands of birds

About 23,000 birds will be culled in Suffolk, after a case of avian (bird) flu was identified near Redgrave.

Seasonal pest control: action needed now

Food manufacturers should adjust their pest control measures as the seasons change, a pest elimination expert has argued.

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Support food and drink manufacturing safety standards by taking part in our industry survey, ahead of Food Manufacture’s Safety conference 2017 and you could win an iPad mini.

Campden BRI launches new food safety research projects

Campden BRI launched a number of new projects last month (January) that are designed to identify the future innovation needs of the food and drink supply chain.


Food safety recalls: planning prevents crises

It's crucial to prevent food and drink safety recall incidents becoming crises, as Michelle Knott discovers.

‘Safe haven’ for sharing food fraud intelligence

A food industry network set up to combat the threat of fraud in the supply chain is inviting food and drink manufacturers to join its membership base.

Cheese firm linked to E.coli death looks to clear name

The cheesemaker implicated in an E.coli outbreak that led to the death of a three-year-old girl has spoken of his “relief” after two of his products were seized – as...

Police probe alleged tampering in chocolate bunnies

A criminal investigation has been launched over an alleged “tampering incident”, after a battery was found inside a Co-op hollow chocolate bunny.

Halal meat firm to pay £7,500 after mouse infestation

The owner of a halal butchery business has been ordered to pay more than £7,500 for nine food safety breaches, after mouse droppings were found in a meat display and...

Maggot found ‘alive’ inside wrapping of Cadbury biscuit

Mondelēz International has launched an investigation, after a live maggot was found in one of its Christmas biscuit selection boxes.


The Big Interview with fraud fighter Andy Morling

National Food Crime Unit boss Andy Morling says there’s more work to be done to protect the nation against food and drink fraud.

Pioneer Foods fined £275k after listeria food offences

Food supplier Pioneer Foods was fined £275,000 after pleading guilty to 11 food safety offences, including selling listeria-contaminated meat.