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Academic links US curry recalls to lead in turmeric

A massive US recall of curry powder because of lead being detected within products could be linked to contaminated turmeric, a leading UK food safety expert has suggested.

Consumers call for campylobacter reductions

Two thirds (66%) of consumers think the poultry industry should do more to reduce campylobacter contamination beyond the agreed current target of less than 10%.

Health is the focus in Food Standards Scotland’s five-year plan

Food Standards Scotland (FSS) outlined measures to improve the safety of food and tackle the growing obesity problem north of the border, as it focused on health and nutrition in...

Cheese firm: E.coli link based on ‘malicious prejudice’ from HPS

The owner of Errington Cheese, whose Dunsyre Blue cheese was recently linked to an E.coli outbreak, has accused Health Protection Scotland (HPS) and Food Standards Scotland (FSS) of having a campaign against...

E.coli food chain probe continues as outbreak is declared over

Public Health England (PHE) is continuing to investigate the source of the latest E.coli outbreak that killed two and infected 161 people after declaring the outbreak was over. 

Blossom Cottage recall over exploding bottle fears

Blossom Cottage, the drinks brand owned by SHS Drinks, has recalled a batch of its Morello Cherry Cordial 500ml bottles because of a fermentation problem that could cause bottles to...

Food Standards Agency ‘sorry’ for email error

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has been forced to apologise to subscribers to its food safety alert system yesterday (August 4), after up to 10 separate emails were sent out in error.

Food safety culture plan backed by top firms

Leading names in UK food and drink manufacture have joined a new initiative, run by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), to promote safety culture change in the...

Health hazard risk from dermatitis, after £40k fine

Food manufacturers have been encouraged to check their hand hygiene procedures after a supplier was fined £40,000 for failing to adequately protect an employee against contact dermatitis.

Two hospitalised following fresh E.coli outbreak

Two people were hospitalised due to an outbreak of E.coli, linked to two batches of Dunsyre Blue Cheese, manufactured by Lanarkshire-based Errington Cheese.

Thousands of yogurts recalled after rubber fault

Thousands of Yeo Valley yogurts have been recalled by five UK supermarkets, after the products were contaminated with rubber.

Cooling system energy check service launched

A specialist energy surveillance service has been launched by Industrial Refrigeration Services (IRS) to help large food manufacturers plan for a greener future with a reduced carbon footprint and energy...

Fatal E.coli outbreak probe focuses on wholesale

The investigation into the fatal E.coli outbreak linked to mixed salad leaves is focusing on wholesale and not retail, Public Health England (PHE) has confirmed. 

Food supply chain probe to track fatal E.coli

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is investigating the food supply chain – including food manufacturers – to track down the source of the latest fatal E.coli outbreak. 

Supermarkets recall pasta goods over possible rubber fault

Tesco and Sainsbury have recalled a number of their own-label pasta products, after the Food Standards Agency (FSA) declared the products, manufactured by Belgian firm Noliko, might contain pieces of...

Halal wholesaler fined £25,000 over controlled waste

A Birmingham halal meat wholesaler has been ordered to pay more than £25,000 after being found guilty of failing to prevent controlled waste escaping from its premises.

E.coli deaths linked to mixed salad leaves

Two people have died and 151 cases have been confirmed in an E.coli outbreak that appears to be linked to eating mixed salad leaves.

Rare burger fears prompts FSA publicity campaign

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is planning to launch a food safety campaign next month – coinciding with the peak barbecue season – warning the public not to serve rare...

Morrisons customer finds maggots in broccoli

A Morrisons customer found multiple maggots in his broccoli when he was preparing his evening meal.

Manufacturers could be hit by fewer local authority inspections

A decline in local authority food hygiene inspections could result in manufacturers having to provide greater accountability, a food safety data provider has claimed.

Bakkavor recalls chilled guacamole over salmonella fear

Bakkavor recently recalled a number of chilled guacamole products due to the possible presence of salmonella.

FSA to consider freezer advice on food labels

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) plans to consider whether to expand its guidance to food manufacturers to cover food storage and freezing advice for consumers. 

Scientists dismiss changes to rare burger advice

Food scientists are on a collision course with Britain’s top chefs and restaurants over the safety of serving burgers rare, following the decision last week by a Food Standards Agency...

National Food Crime Unit unveils whistleblowing line

The National Food Crime Unit (NFCU) has launched a whistleblowing facility called ‘Food Crime Confidential’, allowing those working in the food industry to report any suspicions over crime or safety....

Hygiene offences cost kebab manufacturer over £9,000

A kebab manufacturer was ordered to pay more than £9,000 for illegally manufacturing cooked doner meat last week.