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Food Manufacture’s safety conference: still time to book

There’s still time to book your place at Food Manufacture’s one-day, safety conference – to hear advice from representatives of Nestlé Research Center, Campden BRI, the Food Crime Unit and...

FDF backs government work on antimicrobial resistance

Food manufacturers have been urged to remain vigilant after a Food Standards Agency (FSA) report found almost 500M campylobacter-contaminated chickens were sold in 2014 that were resistant to at least...

Ban on cheese linked to child’s death ‘not taken lightly’: FSS

A ban on the sale of all products made by a Scottish cheesemaker linked to a recent E.coli outbreak that led to the death of a child “was not taken...

Food safety update: biocides defy clean definition

Food industry disinfectants are battling a motley band of pathogens. But how do you maintain food hygiene while minimising biocide residues? Paul Gander asks whether legislation is helping or hindering...

E.coli fears raised in second Scottish cheese case

Fears of E.coli contamination in a second unpasteurised cheese brand made by a Scottish producer have prompted a government agency to order its withdrawal from sale.

E.coli outbreak declared over following child’s death

Food Standards Scotland (FSS) has declared that an outbreak of E.coli 0157 in Scotland that led to the death of a child earlier this week is over.

Manufacturers warned about rubber seals

The recent recalls linking own-label chilled yogurt to rubber contamination have led one rubber seal and gasket supplier to warn of the potential dangers of using cheap imported materials in...

€50M of cocaine found at Coca-Cola plant

Almost 400kg of cocaine – with a reported street value of about €50M (£42M) – was found at a Coca-Cola factory in southern France on Friday (August 26).

Me and My Factory

Pork processor: collaboration has reduced audits

The director at a leading pork processor has claimed that industry-wide collaboration has enabled his company to reduce the meat sector’s audit burden following the horsemeat crisis.

Contaminated ingredients lead EU food safety alerts

High levels of mercury in fish, aflatoxins – a type of mould – in nuts, and salmonella in fruit and vegetables, were among the most notified food safety risks last...

Food safety conference: early bird offer ends today

The early bird delegate rate for Food Manufacture’s annual, one-day food safety conference in October ends today (August 31).

Sandwich maker hit with £7k bread basket fine

A Wolverhampton-based sandwich maker has been hit with a £7,000 fine after global positioning system (GPS) technology showed it had been using bread baskets belonging to another firm without permission.

Safety conference: early bird ticket price ends tomorrow

Just two days remain to benefit from the early bird delegate rate for the Food Manufacture Group’s annual one-day food safety conference, which takes place on Thursday October 13 at...

Three men charged with fraud over horsemeat

Three men have been charged with fraud offences for allegedly conspiring to sell horsemeat as beef.

FSA welcomes conviction of abattoir worker

A man was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment on August 22, after pleading guilty to 24 animal welfare offences, including serious animal welfare breaches, food safety offences and trading standards offences.

FSA launches campaign against rare burgers

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has launched its food safety campaign – ‘Burgers aren’t like steaks’ – warning the public against serving rare burgers at home.

Food Standards Scotland launches food fraud hotline

Food Standards Scotland (FSS) and independent charity Crimestoppers have launched a telephone hotline to fight food fraud.

Academic links US curry recalls to lead in turmeric

A massive US recall of curry powder because of lead being detected within products could be linked to contaminated turmeric, a leading UK food safety expert has suggested.

Consumers call for campylobacter reductions

Two thirds (66%) of consumers think the poultry industry should do more to reduce campylobacter contamination beyond the agreed current target of less than 10%.

Health is the focus in Food Standards Scotland’s five-year plan

Food Standards Scotland (FSS) outlined measures to improve the safety of food and tackle the growing obesity problem north of the border, as it focused on health and nutrition in...

Cheese firm: E.coli link based on ‘malicious prejudice’ from HPS

The owner of Errington Cheese, whose Dunsyre Blue cheese was recently linked to an E.coli outbreak, has accused Health Protection Scotland (HPS) and Food Standards Scotland (FSS) of having a campaign against...

E.coli food chain probe continues as outbreak is declared over

Public Health England (PHE) is continuing to investigate the source of the latest E.coli outbreak that killed two and infected 161 people after declaring the outbreak was over. 

Blossom Cottage recall over exploding bottle fears

Blossom Cottage, the drinks brand owned by SHS Drinks, has recalled a batch of its Morello Cherry Cordial 500ml bottles because of a fermentation problem that could cause bottles to...

Food Standards Agency ‘sorry’ for email error

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has been forced to apologise to subscribers to its food safety alert system yesterday (August 4), after up to 10 separate emails were sent out in error.

Food safety culture plan backed by top firms

Leading names in UK food and drink manufacture have joined a new initiative, run by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), to promote safety culture change in the...