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Small processors still threatened by hygiene charges

17-Apr-2014 - Small processors still face hygiene inspection charges under EU law proposals, despite lobbying to overturn them, prompting an angry reaction from a prominent lobbyist.


Small processors face hit from hygiene charges

11-Apr-2014 - Small food processors would pay for hygiene inspections under proposed EU rules after seeming exempt, and time is running out to block this, according to Bob Salmon, director, Food Solutions.

Small firms angered by hygiene proposals: quotes

11-Apr-2014 - Small food and drink firms are outraged by EU proposals to hit them with charges for hygiene inspections, despite previous moves to ensure they would be exempt.

Food safety conference to arm delegates with key advice

04-Apr-2014 - Arming manufacturers with the key information they need to manage food and drink safety risks is the aim of the Food Manufacture Group’s one-day conference – Safe and legal food in a changing world – due to take place on Wednesday, October 15 2014, at the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon, Warwickshire.

Doner kebabs suffer in Scottish food safety study

02-Apr-2014 - Doner kebabs are under fire in Scotland after a study revealed an average portion contained a man’s entire recommended daily intake of sat fats.

Foodex 2014

Boost FSA powers to improve food safety: Lord Rooker

26-Mar-2014 - The government should urgently restore responsibility to the Food Standards Agency (FSA) for food competition and adulteration in order to improve food safety, according to its former boss Jeff Rooker.

Rapid surface chilling yields results in trials

24-Mar-2014 - Rapid surface chilling is proving to be an effective technique for reducing campylobacter contamination on poultry, according to the latest results from industry-led trials reported to the Food Standards Agency (FSA) board meeting last month.

Research investigates alcohol’s role in allergy

24-Mar-2014 - The role that factors such as alcohol and antacid consumption and exercise play in people’s susceptibility to having allergic reactions to certain foods is being investigated in a new study by Leatherhead Food Research (LFR).

New guidance for manufacturers on managing allergens

20-Mar-2014 - New rules governing the handling and labelling of food allergens, which come into force later this year, could drive up the number of food alerts issued by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), unless manufacturers and others take urgent action.

Government will take my advice: Professor Elliott

06-Mar-2014 - The government is likely to accept the recommendations from an independent inquiry into last year’s horsemeat contamination scandal, according to Professor Chris Elliott who conducted it and published his interim findings last December.

Coming soon: another food safety incident

06-Mar-2014 - Food companies continue to suffer the costly and damaging results of food contamination and food poisoning outbreaks, despite their best efforts to adopt procedures to prevent incidents from happening and mitigate their worst impact when they do.

Call for more research into foodborne viruses

06-Mar-2014 - More needs to be done to improve the understanding of foodborne viral infections such as norovirus, hepatitis A and hepatitis E so that they can be better prevented and controlled, according to scientific experts who advise the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

FSA ‘food crime police’ unit will hit other priorities

05-Mar-2014 - The Food Standards Agency (FSA) lacks the resources to tackle additional food fraud investigation duties recommended by the inquiry into the horsemeat scandal, unless government provides more people and funding.

Investment in HACCP will yield returns: rice boss

03-Mar-2014 - Food quality will suffer unless manufacturers put more effort into hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) systems, a leading rice processor has warned.

Food firms join new bid to beat campylobacter in poultry

03-Mar-2014 - Food manufacturers have joined retailers, the National Farmers Union (NFU), government bodies and other stakeholders in a new bid to beat campylobacter in raw poultry meat.

UK spearheads €12M EU food fraud project

26-Feb-2014 - An EU-wide initiative targeting food fraud, costing €12M, has been announced, spearheaded by the UK’s Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA).

Trading Standards: latest on cancer dyes in sweets

19-Feb-2014 - Trading Standards officers have warned the food industry that potentially cancer-causing dyes have been discovered in confectionery sold in the West Yorkshire region.

Government-funded test to play cat and mouse with fraudsters

19-Feb-2014 - DNA testing to detect cat and mouse in processed food, plus species including donkey, dog and horse has won government funding and could be readily available within a year.

PM's £10M relief fund to protect food supplies

13-Feb-2014 - David Cameron’s £10M relief fund for flood-struck farmers will help avert the risk of disruption to food supplies, claimed the government, after widespread criticism it was not doing enough to safeguard food supplies.


Food safety crisis could be on the horizon

13-Feb-2014 - With ever-tighter environmental health budgets and the looming threat both of greater cost recovery and of privatisation, some experts claim we have all the ingredients for a full-blown food safety crisis.

Novel foods fall through Trading Standards' net

10-Feb-2014 - Trading Standards (TS) don’t have the resources to check for the potentially dangerous unapproved novel foods illegally on sale on the UK market, it has emerged.

Twitter helped probe into food poisoning outbreak

07-Feb-2014 - Social media is increasingly being used to identify the sources of food poisoning, following its use by investigators from Public Health England (PHE) to narrow down a large multiple pathogen outbreak at an outdoor food festival in Newcastle upon Tyne last year.

Intelligence hub to combat safety threat

07-Feb-2014 - Better intelligence sharing between the food industry and regulators will be needed if another food fraud like last year’s horsemeat scandal is to be averted in future, experts have warned.

More E.coli O157 cases in Scotland not ruled out

31-Jan-2014 - Food safety authorities have not ruled out further food poisoning cases after an outbreak of infection from the potentially deadly germ Escherichia coli O157 (E.coli O157) has made seven people ill in Scotland.

FSA forced to add clarity on raw milk rules

30-Jan-2014 - Confusion about the route to sale of raw milk has forced the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to add clarity on where unpasteurised products can be sold.

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