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Manufacturers face tough new laws to cut acrylamide levels in food

Manufacturers face tougher legal restrictions on the levels of the carcinogen acrylamide permitted in food, after the failure of many parts of the industry to cut them by voluntary measures.

EU bans Mexican horsemeat imports on safety fears

The EU has banned horsemeat imports from Mexico, including meat from horses of US origin, after fears they may threaten food safety, according the Humane Society International (HSI).

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Kellogg launches investigation after live maggot found

Kellogg has said it is “extremely unlikely” that a live maggot found by a customer in one of its Nutri-Grain bars entered the product in its factory.

Retailers ‘cold on new campylobacter control’

British retailers are continuing to delay the introduction of a new, highly effective technique to prevent campylobacter infections on poultry, despite mounting consumer concern about Britain’s number one source of...


The FSA ponders the concept of risky foods

We are becoming a more risk-averse society. But when it comes to food and drink, some consumers – influenced by their personal beliefs and experiences – see things quite differently.

Moy Park chicken grower raises its biosecurity game

Moy Park chicken grower Graham McIlroy has invested in a viewing gallery to improve the biosecurity at his farm at Aghadowey in what is a first for the Northern Ireland...

Wine fraud in the UK is ‘massive’, says expert

Fraud in the UK’s wine industry is rampant because the sector has failed to implement the controls necessary to stamp it out, a food safety expert has claimed.

Campylobacter death toll ‘demands action’: industry insider

The death toll from campylobacter food poisoning demands urgent industry action, a key industry insider has told this website, after the Food Standards Agency (FSA) confirmed a big increase in contamination...

FSA campylobacter results make grim reading

Tests show campylobacter contamination increased substantially over the summer in shop-bought raw chicken and the food industry must do more to tackle the problem, according to the Food Standards Agency...

Campylobacter: ‘Supermarket bosses should hang heads in shame’

Consumer pressure group Which? claims supermarket bosses should “hang their heads in shame”, after the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA’s) latest testing results revealed a big rise in the levels of...

Morrisons’ shopper finds tongue-eating parasite in fish

A Morrisons’ shopper got more than he bargained for when he discovered a tongue-eating parasite in his portion of sea bass.

Campylobacter contamination worse than thought

Supermarkets face a fresh blow to consumers’ trust in them as chicken tested for the food poisoning bug campylobacter looks set to yield even worse results than previous samples.

Which? targets industry in campylobacter row

Consumer group Which? has increased pressure on food firms to cut the threat of food poisoning from high levels of campylobacter in poultry meat, launching a campaign targeting the issue.

Elliott calls for food analysts to unite to fight fraud

Discussions are underway to boost the power of local authority public analysts in a bid to fight food fraud, according to professor Chris Elliott, author of the prominent review into...

Southall firm pays the price for hazardous sweets

LB Enterprises faced legal costs of £604 after Ealing District Council’s food safety team seized 16.2kg of hazardous sweets at the premises of its supermarket Quality Foods.

Bird flu identified as H5N8 but Xmas turkey threat unclear

The outbreak of bird flu confirmed on the Yorkshire duck farm this week has been identified as the highly contagious stain H5N8, but it’s too early to gauge the threat...

Chicken juice provides ‘perfect environment’ for campylobacter

Organic matter exuding from chicken carcasses provides the perfect environment for campylobacter to breed in food manufacturing sites, according a study from the Institute of Food Research (IFR).

Illegal meat, cheese and other food seized

Authorities have seized 200kg of food, including meat, cheese, fish, honey and apples, identified as illegally imported into this country from Eastern Europe.

Half of food products labelled ‘may contain’ are allergen free

Nearly half of products labelled with a ‘may contain’ allergen warning were allergen free in survey of more than 1,000 pre-packaged processed food samples conducted by the Food Standards Agency (FSA)....

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Food hygiene scheme to become mandatory in England

A scheme which rates the hygiene of food businesses across the UK looks set to follow Wales and soon Northern Ireland (NI) by becoming compulsory in England over the next...

Campylobacter may spread internally in poultry

Work aimed at reducing the surface levels of campylobacter contamination on poultry could be overtaken by events, as new research suggests internal spread of the pathogen in chickens as well.

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Focus is on fraud under new EU rules

Manufacturers will face much tougher scrutiny and audits from their retail customers, which could face soaring financial penalties running into millions of pounds for mislabelled products under new EU rules,...

Retailers rail at FSA’s Campylobacter retort

A row has broken out between the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) over its retail survey charting Campylobacter contamination of poultry in stores.

Faccenda Foods invests £1M to fight campylobacter

Faccenda Foods aims to invest £1M in a new technology to kill campylobacter and other micro-organisms on the skin and internal cavity of chickens through steam and ultrasound treatment.

Food safety conference

Supply chain relationships ‘need more work’

Relationships along the food supply chain need more work, according to Professor Colin Dennis, chair of the food safety conference.

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