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Avian flu outbreak farm to cull thousands of birds

About 23,000 birds will be culled in Suffolk, after a case of avian (bird) flu was identified near Redgrave.

Seasonal pest control: action needed now

Food manufacturers should adjust their pest control measures as the seasons change, a pest elimination expert has argued.

Support food industry safety standards and win an iPad

Support food and drink manufacturing safety standards by taking part in our industry survey, ahead of Food Manufacture’s Safety conference 2017 and you could win an iPad mini.

Campden BRI launches new food safety research projects

Campden BRI launched a number of new projects last month (January) that are designed to identify the future innovation needs of the food and drink supply chain.


Food safety recalls: planning prevents crises

It's crucial to prevent food and drink safety recall incidents becoming crises, as Michelle Knott discovers.

‘Safe haven’ for sharing food fraud intelligence

A food industry network set up to combat the threat of fraud in the supply chain is inviting food and drink manufacturers to join its membership base.

Cheese firm linked to E.coli death looks to clear name

The cheesemaker implicated in an E.coli outbreak that led to the death of a three-year-old girl has spoken of his “relief” after two of his products were seized – as...

Police probe alleged tampering in chocolate bunnies

A criminal investigation has been launched over an alleged “tampering incident”, after a battery was found inside a Co-op hollow chocolate bunny.

Halal meat firm to pay £7,500 after mouse infestation

The owner of a halal butchery business has been ordered to pay more than £7,500 for nine food safety breaches, after mouse droppings were found in a meat display and...

Maggot found ‘alive’ inside wrapping of Cadbury biscuit

Mondelēz International has launched an investigation, after a live maggot was found in one of its Christmas biscuit selection boxes.


The Big Interview with fraud fighter Andy Morling

National Food Crime Unit boss Andy Morling says there’s more work to be done to protect the nation against food and drink fraud.

Pioneer Foods fined £275k after listeria food offences

Food supplier Pioneer Foods was fined £275,000 after pleading guilty to 11 food safety offences, including selling listeria-contaminated meat.

Food hygiene inspection charges move closer

Food manufacturers will be expected to meet the costs of food safety inspections, enforcement input and a registration scheme, under new plans from the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

CIEH stops awarding food safety qualifications

The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH), which represents local authority environmental health officers that carry out food safety inspections, is to stop being an awarding body for existing training...

Reduce burden of hygiene audits

The burden of excessive retailer hygiene audits of their food and drink suppliers needs to be reduced, argues the head of the Provision Trade Federation (PTF).

Bird flu found in 5,000 birds poses ‘no safety risk’

Bird flu poses no food safety risk for consumers, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) insists, after avian flu (H5N8) was found in 5,000 turkeys at a farm near Louth, Lincolnshire...

Recalls sparked by milk and food poisoning fears

Food manufacturers Boost and Boom, Source Foods, Monolith UK and Alivini recalled a number of food products last week, sparked by fears of lactose intolerance, poor food hygiene and food...

Bird flu threat won’t affect busy Christmas supply

Poultry producers have insisted that supplies for the busy Christmas period won’t be affected by the government warning of a potential UK bird flu outbreak.

Poultry industry on ‘devastating’ bird flu alert

Poultry producers have been ordered to keep their birds indoors for 30 days, in a bid to protect the industry from a “devastating” outbreak of avian flu.

Food recalls sparked by nuts and milk

Food manufacturer Dr Oetker and Asda recalled a number of food products last week, after it was discovered they contained undeclared allergens.

Food Crime Unit launches confidential hotline

A confidential food crime hotline has been launched by the National Food Crime Unit (NFCU), which it hoped would encourage industry insiders to report offences.

Listeria contamination forces chicken withdrawal

Cooked chicken has been withdrawn from schools in south Wales, after potentially harmful levels of listeria were discovered in the product.

Bakery fined £60k for mice infestation

A bakery in Birmingham has been fined £60,000 for a mouse infestation, after droppings were discovered throughout the building.

Food safety conference

Food safety: precaution must continue post-Brexit

It is “absolutely crucial” that the UK continues to adopt a precautionary approach to food safety post-Brexit, the head of a consumer watchdog has claimed.

Safety conference

Food recalls, supplier audits and fraud feature at conference

Product recalls cost money and hit reputations. The Food Manufacture Group’s food safety conference found out how to limit the damage, as Rick Pendrous reports.