Third-Party Logistics

Marcus Boardall (l), deputy chief executive of Reed Boardall, and finance director Sarah Roberts

Reed Boardall maintains profits despite falling sales

By Rick Pendrous

Yorkshire-based cold storage and transport business Reed Boardall has reported a slight fall in revenues of £64.3M for the year to March 31 2016 in its financial results released today (January 4), down from £65.9M achieved in 2015, in what the frozen...

Manual trucks can be converted for automatic warehouse operation

Warehouse automation in stages

By Rick Pendrous

The historic reluctance of third-party logistics providers (3PLs) to invest in warehouse automation is changing as technological advances enable a flexible, staged introduction which allows costs to be controlled, claimed the boss of one forklift truck...

Cool new approach to cut freight costs

Cool new approach to cut freight costs

By Elaine Watson

While the industry is littered with the carcases of dot.coms that have bitten the dust, those that have proved they are more than a bunch of...

Transparency is the key to happiness

Transparency is the key to happiness

I recently came across a bad example of a warehouse draft contract, which failed the two basic rules of 'fit for purpose' for relationships where the...


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