Virgin polymer prices have fallen, making recycling less competitive

Food and drink industry plastics recycling ‘needs more support’

By Paul Gander

The plastics packaging supply chain should not only commit to using food-grade recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) in its containers, as some brand-owners already do, but even be required to take a direct financial stake in collection and recycling...

A deposit return system could be introduced for plastic drinks bottles

Are deposit systems ready for a return?

By Paul Gander

With Coca-Cola GB dropping its opposition to a deposit return system (DRS) and calling for a trial of “a well-designed deposit scheme for drinks containers, starting in Scotland”, where Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS) has been consulting on the idea, some are...

Tesco is cooperating with Linpac and Hilton to maximise the potential recyclability of fresh food packaging

Product file

Tesco boosts pack recyclability

By Rick Pendrous

Tesco has partnered with key supplier Hilton Food Group and packaging manufacturer Linpac to maximise the recyclability potential of its plastic fresh food packaging.

The UK could save £3.7bn by recycling food waste, instead of sending it to landfill

Recycling all food waste could save the UK £3.7bn

By Matt Atherton

The UK could save £3.7bn by using food waste sent to landfill for renewable biofertiliser, claimed a food waste expert, after figures last month confirmed domestic food waste alone topped 7.3Mt.

Innocent Drinks is set to move out of gable top cartons into plastics

Innocent Drinks in recycling innovation

By Paul Gander

A waste management finance scheme based on Packaging Recovery Notes (PRNs), which links a producer’s obligated payments with specific recycling investments, is set to support Innocent Drinks in a move out of gable top cartons into plastics, and aims to...

Tesco has unveiled new pots for its food-to-go products

New pots for food-to-go at Tesco

By Rick Pendrous

Food packaging suppliers Faerch Plast and Colpac recently joined forces to develop a new pack design in conjunction with fresh prepared foods manufacturer Bakkavor for a new Tesco food-to-go range.

TV star Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has been warned about the hidden costs of recycling

Waste recycling warning for celebrity TV campaigner

By Michelle Perrett

A leading trade association has warned about the environmental burden of recycling, as Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s hit TV show – Hugh’s War on Waste – is set to reignite demands for more package recycling.

Metal packaging has the capability ‘to be infinitely recyclable’, says William Boyd

Metal market ‘well-placed’ on innovation and environment

By Paul Gander

Metal’s ‘endlessly recyclable’ credentials, along with continued structural innovation, will become more important over the next few years according to director and chief executive of the Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association (MPMA) William Boyd.

Circular econony concerns: ‘An old lawnmower can be renovated, but packaging doesn't work like that,’ says Jane Bickerstaffe

EU circular economy plan may threaten packaging

By Paul Gander

The European Commission’s (EC’s) ‘circular economy’ proposals may sound very general and still look a long way off as far as regulation goes, but industry organisations such as Incpen (the Industry Council for research on Packaging and the Environment)...


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