Programmable Logic Controller

Food industry automation is generating demand for new skills

Automation in food is ‘no threat to jobs’

By Noli Dinkovski

A drive towards automation in the food industry should not be seen as a threat to workers’ jobs, as it is likely to lead to the creation of a variety of skilled roles, a consultant in the field has claimed.

Schneider Electrics new software can measure financial performance in real time

Product file

Real-time measure of profitability

By Rick Pendrous

Energy management and automation specialist Schneider Electric has introduced new Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) capabilities that enable customers to measure and control the profitability of operations in real-time.

Automated bulk bag weigh batcher is launched

Automated bulk bag weigh batcher is launched

By Rick Pendrous

A new automated bulk bag weigh batching system from Flexicon meters ingredients into a Flexi-Disc tubular cable conveyor that transports batches of a specified weight to downstream processing equipment, dust-free.

Nord has equipped all of its frequency inverters with microcontrollers

Frequency inverters offer versatile control

By Rick Pendrous

Nord Drivesystems has equipped all of its motor-mounted and cabinet-installed frequency inverters with more versatile microcontrollers and new firmware.

Manufacturing intelligence systems operate in premises or in the cloud

MES ‘vapourware’ that fails to deliver

By Rick Pendrous

Manufacturing execution system (MES) software is failing to deliver on what it promises for food and drink manufacturers, according to the head of a software systems supplier, who previously worked on the integration of MES for UK companies in the sector.

Many PLC problems are the result of faults with input/ output modules of field equipment, rather than with the internal processor

What you do when PLCs go wrong

By Rick Pendrous

Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are widely recognised as being stalwarts of machine automation and control, performing sequences of instructions such as timing, counting, storing memory, relaying logic and arithmetic computation.

Safer control systems for hazardous areas

Safer control systems for hazardous areas

A new video has been produced by Softstart UK, which explores the complexities of system design for hazardous area applications where there is a risk of explosion.

Meat supply chain traceability has become a focus following the horsemeat scandal

Firms turn to new traceability systems following ‘horsegate’

By Rick Pendrous

Food companies are increasingly turning to the use of advanced traceability systems to ensure they don’t suffer a similar fate to those hit by last year’s horsemeat contamination scandal, according to a leading control systems supplier.

Software aids traceability in today's complex retail business climate

Direct network links help to manage data proliferation

With the growing amount of data being generated for - and on - packaging lines, particularly around printers, readers, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), cameras and other peripherals, food and drink companies are realising the value of a direct link...

Seafood manufacturer cuts production time by 83%

Sauce production time cut by 83%

Integrating PDX Reactor technology with Mitsubishi Electric equipment has helped Japanese seafood processor Nissui to cut white sauce production time by 83%, reduce cleaning between batches and minimise energy use.

New system helps spice firm meet throughput needs

Bespoke system spices up packaging

A bespoke packaging system has been developed for a UK herb and spice manufacturer that boasts increased throughput, enhanced reliability and easy access for maintenance and cleaning.


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