Programmable Logic Controller

Food industry automation is generating demand for new skills

Automation in food is ‘no threat to jobs’

By Noli Dinkovski

A drive towards automation in the food industry should not be seen as a threat to workers’ jobs, as it is likely to lead to the creation of a variety of skilled roles, a consultant in the field has claimed.

Manufacturing intelligence systems operate in premises or in the cloud

MES ‘vapourware’ that fails to deliver

By Rick Pendrous

Manufacturing execution system (MES) software is failing to deliver on what it promises for food and drink manufacturers, according to the head of a software systems supplier, who previously worked on the integration of MES for UK companies in the sector.

Many PLC problems are the result of faults with input/ output modules of field equipment, rather than with the internal processor

What you do when PLCs go wrong

By Rick Pendrous

Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are widely recognised as being stalwarts of machine automation and control, performing sequences of instructions such as timing, counting, storing memory, relaying logic and arithmetic computation.

Meat supply chain traceability has become a focus following the horsemeat scandal

Firms turn to new traceability systems following ‘horsegate’

By Rick Pendrous

Food companies are increasingly turning to the use of advanced traceability systems to ensure they don’t suffer a similar fate to those hit by last year’s horsemeat contamination scandal, according to a leading control systems supplier.

Software aids traceability in today's complex retail business climate

Direct network links help to manage data proliferation

With the growing amount of data being generated for - and on - packaging lines, particularly around printers, readers, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), cameras and other peripherals, food and drink companies are realising the value of a direct link...

Automation can deliver big energy savings

In your control

By Rick Pendrous

Automation is about much more than the latest robot on the block, says Rick Pendrous

Mitsubishi's new robots can reach behind their base in confined spaces

UK wakes up and smells the automation

By Rick Pendrous

UK food and drink manufacturers are finally waking up to the merits of automation, judging by the number of exhibits featuring robots at the forthcoming Total Processing & Packaging Exhibition. The event takes place at Birmingham's National Exhibition...

New system to boost productivity

Faster, more efficient changeovers

Improving the speed and efficiency of product changeovers on multi-product lines is what Sick UK's new RapCo system, launched at Total 2013, is all about. It is claimed to offer a reliable, automated solution to protect product quality while boosting...

Improved data logging makes diagnostics easy

Improved data logging makes diagnostics easy

Mitsubishi says its new L Series programmable logic controller (PLC) offers increased functionality, ease of expansion and a user-centric design inspired by the FX micro PLC.

New technology offers viscous design promise

New technology offers viscous design promise

By Rick Pendrous

Bakeries and ice cream manufacturers are the first business sectors in the UK to start showing interest in a new technology that allows the printing of highly viscous food coatings on top of moving food substrates.


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