Portion Sizes

Sainsbury's Judith Batchelar called for concerted action on food portion sizes

BNF 50th Anniversary Conference

Sainsbury calls for standardised food portion sizes

By Rick Pendrous

Sainsbury’s director of brand has called for standardisation of food portion sizes to “create a level playing field” in the battle against growing obesity levels in the UK.

Half of UK consumers don't know what constitutes as one serving of snacks, claims a new survey

Half of Britons admit to snack serving size confusion

By Gwen Ridler

More than half of UK consumers admit to not knowing what constitutes a single serving of snacks such as crisps, revealed a new survey commissioned by gluten-free snack manufacturer Wellaby’s.

Hard to swallow? The government should update its advice on portion sizes: BHF

Urgent action need on food portion sizes: charity

By Michael Stones

The government should update its advice on food portion sizes urgently, warns a leading charity, after researchers advised smaller food packages could help to cut Britain’s obesity crisis. 

Stuff 'n' nonsense

Stuff 'n' nonsense

By Lynda Searby

When it comes to over-eating, consumers appear to have no sense - or at least no self-control. Rod Addy reports on our survey

How the cookie crumbles

How the cookie crumbles

By Sarah Britton

Sugarcoat it all you want, but health concerns are impacting the bakery and confectionery sector. The BCCC's Barbara Gallani tells Sarah Britton of her quest to get her sector heard


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