Origin Labelling

Country of origin information for food and drink must be made clearer when shopping online, the NFU said

Product origin labels ‘must be made clearer online’

By Matt Atherton

Country of origin information for food and drink should be displayed by online retailers, just as it is on supermarket shelves, to help shoppers choose British produce, the National Farmers Union (NFU) claims.

FIC 'raises complex questions about determining which is the main ingredient'

Confusion about origin and added water labelling

By Rick Pendrous

EU legislation designed to avoid consumers being mislead about the country of origin of ingredients contained in compound foods they purchase is likely to cause headaches for food manufacturers, according to a legal expert.

Manufacturers argue the cost of mandatory labelling of compound foods, such as lasagne, would be prohibitive

Mandatory meat origin labelling debate intensifies

By Rick Pendrous

Manufacturers have been urged to raise their voices in the fight against plans to introduce mandatory country of origin labelling (COOL) for meat used in processed food, which recently won the backing of the European Parliament but has yet to become law...

Country of origin labels may cause confusion

Country of origin labels may cause confusion

By Rick Pendrous

Revised guidance on country of origin labelling just published by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) for the food industry and enforcement authorities...


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